16 Tips For Marathon Training With a Baby Jogger

Marathon Training With a Baby Jogger

Running is a solo sport, most runners run a one. But there is an option to run with the young family members too. Training for a marathon with a baby jogger is fun as long as it is done right. Below you can read some tips for training for a marathon with a baby jogger.

If you plan to train for a marathon with a running stroller, you must make sure you have a professional jogger. Not any jogger is suitable for long distance running. Trying to run with a fancy jogger which is not designed for long distance running can turn the run into twice as difficult.

#1 Sun and Weather Protection For Baby

Training for marathon with a baby takes hour of training. The parent must protect the baby from sun exposure by applying enough UVA & UVB sun screen creams. Most creams will need to be reapplied after 1-2  hours otherwise the baby might get sun burned.

This goes for cold weather running too,make sure the baby is covered and warm. Running will produce constant ‘wind’ for the baby in the jogger, which can cause their body temperature to decease. Unlike the running parent they do not exercise but sit still.

#2 Run With a Wrist Strap For Safety

Running with a baby jogger means you will be pushing it in front of you.  The running technique with a baby jogger is to push it, let it go, and run some strides without it, then grab it and push it again. But you do not want it to ride too far away by it’s own.  A wrist strap will avoid it getting too fast like when running down hill.

#3 Baby Jogger Requires Mid Foot Landing

When training for a marathon with a baby jogger, one hand will need to hold the handle, so your running pose gets upright. This means you will not be able to run in the regular position. The best way is to learn Pose Running technique, which will allow you more feet power while pushing the jogger.

#4 Do More Upper Body Workout

When pushing a baby jogger for miles at your marathon training, you will notice you can not run with the regular symmetric arm movements. One arm will have to push the jogger and the other arm will constantly need to work harder. The upper body workout which is not required for regular running is more important for those pushing a baby stroller. Do arm and shoulder workout exercise for both arms so you can have enough strength for long runs.

You can train with uphill running to get stronger feet and arms. It will help you run a marathon with a baby jogger.

#5 Do Not Expect to Break Your PR With a Jogger

When training for a marathon with a baby jogger, you will probably not break your personal record. It is an opportunity to share long hours together, see green parks, and enjoy the fresh air. Focus on the cardio and breathing and less on the pace. Running with a baby jogger is slower than running alone, adapt to the new pace.

#6 Take Your Drinks With You

When running with a baby in a jogger, you need to carry drink for both of you. This becomes important if you plan to run with a baby jogger in a marathon race. Getting close to drink stations (which are crowded) with baby joggers becomes more difficult than just running by and picking a cup.

Running with a jogger is an opportunity to run with a camera, smartphone and other accessories you do not normally carry as a runner. You do not need marathon disposable running clothes, because once you are warm you stash your jacket in the jogger’s basket.

#7 Runs With Baby Might Be Aborted

When training for a marathon with a baby jogger, you might not be able to follow exactly your marathon training program. Children might get a bad mood, be edgy, or just get bored and lose it.. Though running was the main reason you left home, the baby might be the reason you will be forced to quit or shorten your run. Be flexible when training with a baby, your running program might be aborted unexpectedly.

#8 No Sprints With Baby Joggers

Running with a baby jogger means you cannot sprint when ever you feel like it. Running with a baby jogger means the whole run will be in a similar pace. Pushing the baby jogger and being strapped to it, will not allow you to sprint at the finish. Smaller strides are necessary when running with a baby jogger, because you do not what your feet landing between the wheels. You might want to improve your Pose Running Technique.

#9 Get Baby Entertainment For the Entire Run

Though babies do love to sit at the jogger while dad or moms pushes them around. Marathon training with a kid at the jogger is a whole different story. 10-20 miles of running can take hours to complete. This means the baby might get bored. And when babies get bored, they cry and your run might be distracted or you will need to turn back.

Have enough baby toys and music players or digital entertainment for them. If they have things to do while you run, then the training will be more effective for you.

#10 Strap The Baby Toys To The Jogger

If you do not what to stop and collect tossed objects. You better think of strapping the toys so they are not thrown over board.. it will force you to stop each time a toy bear is tossed away..

#11 With a Baby Jogger Start at The Back

If you plan to run a marathon with your baby jogger, it is recommended to start at the back of the start line. Let the other runners dash forward. When running inside a crowd with a baby jogger, the front wheel may cause someone to trip by touching their heel. Watch out at the beginning of the race, some runner might try to bypass and fall over the extended front wheel.  You can speed up after a mile when the running pack is spaced a bit.

#12 Run Only With a REAL Baby Joggers

Training For Marathon WIth Baby JoggerNot any stroller is a baby running jogger. Most ‘baby joggers’ are not meant for running at all, and certainly not for marathon training. They might have the name ‘baby joggers’ but they are just narrow strollers for busy moms on the way to the mall. Even the manufacturer calls these joggers ‘urban mobility’ strollers.

They might be great for walking but not for running! Certainly not marathon training runs.

See picture of the yellow BOB Ironman Single Stroller. It has a fixed front wheel, a wide wheel base, the toddler seats at a low position, with large inflatable wheels, and 5 point harness. These are the critical factors for choosing a safe running baby jogger.

Get a BOB Ironman Single Stroller

#13 Fixed Wheel Baby Joggers

The running jogger must have a fixed wheel for long distance running. A swivel front wheel is not a jogger for marathon training. The swirling wheels make the jogger less stable at high speeds.

#14 Wide Wheel Base Joggers

Safe Baby Jogger For Marathon RunningA baby jogger must NEVER tip over at curves or turns. There are some narrow joggers who may look sleek but once they are in motion with a baby seated inside they can easily tip over. A wide wheel base joggers are better because they are more stable. The way to check if a jogger has a low center of gravitation is to move it in circles and check that no wheel will leave the ground at tight turns.

See the picture of black Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller it is a marathon baby running jogger too. A wide wheel base, fixed front wheel, low seat position with large wheels.

Get a Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller


#15 Wide Inflatable Wheels

Like bicycle wheels, the larger wheels are better, they feel smoother when running, the baby will feel more comfortable and less jerked in the seat.

#16 Five Harness Points

The baby seat must have five harness points. Those will hold the baby and keep them from falling off. Three harness points is dangerous because a baby can lean forward or sideways causing the weight to shift and the jogger to roll over

Here are running baby joggers which are suitable and safe for marathon training Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller and  BOB Ironman Single Stroller


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