5 Must Have Accessories For Treadmill Running

Treadmill Running Will Never Be The Same

Having a treadmill at home is great, it will allow you to train for your next marathon, keep in shape or lose weight. These five treadmill accessories will make the same things much more fun! Let’s admit it, running on a treadmill for hours can be quite boring, these treadmill accessories will light up your treadmill experience, so you could keep training forever.

1. Run Outside While Running at Home

The NEW trend of treadmill running are treadmill running HD movies captured by a runner head cam. These movies shot at beautiful locations will give you the feeling you are running in wild landscapes. There are sea shore scenes, forest trails and more..

Some scenes are taken by the runners point of view, others scenes show you the back of the runner in front of you giving the illusion you are running in a pack.

Running on a treadmill will never be the same.

MotionLabHD Treadmill Training Systems



2. Surf The Web While Training

Treadmill Desk Treadmill accessories
SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder

How many hours do we spend in front of the computer? Reading emails, Youtube? checking our Facebook timeline? We sit so many hours in front of the computer/laptop/iPad?

The SurfShelf turns those hours into physical activity! A SurfShelf is a shelf which gets attached to treadmills and allow the runner to surf during the exercise.

This means that if you have a workout online account, you can be inside and see your stats, when you do a long easy jog, you can view your favorite movie channel, when you are walking to cool down, you can read emails or news.

SurfShelf Treadmill Desk: Laptop and iPad Holder



3. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Treadmill Workout Desk Accessory
TrekDesk – Full Treadmill Desk

This is the same idea like the treadmill shelf, but this turns the treadmill into a full desk table. The desk has two side legs, with a wide desk mounted on top, it can hold all the office needs, laptop, iPad, papers, writing space everything!

It might be less suitable for high pace running needs, but an hour of jog could turn into a workout hour. Great for pregnant women, seniors, or over weight runners who need hours of fat burning exercise. Marathon runners can use it on tapering weeks, when the amount of running is reduced before the marathon day.

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4. Folding Tv Stand For Treadmills

Treadmill Folding TV Stand accessory
Folding Tv Stand For Treadmill Running

When using a folding treadmill, most people push it to the middle of the living room, so it would be in front of the TV. But what happens if you wish to run without bouncing in the middle of the house?

A bright accessory is a folding treadmill TV stand, so you do not have to exercise in front of everybody else. You can use the treadmill at your own privacy, run for hours without interfering other house members.

The TV stand accessory can be set to any height, and hold any flat screen TV or laptop. It is not connected to the treadmill so there is risk of tangling your run. It is a better idea than the treadmill desks attachments for those running at a fast pace.

Folding TV Stand For Treadmill Workout



5. Texthook Smartphone Holder


Iphone Accessory holder for treadmills
Smartphone (iPhone) Holder For Treadmills

Running a marathon on a treadmill  means working in high speeds for hours. If there is one thing we can not do without for hours (unless we are asleep) is playing around with the iPhone. Running on a treadmill with an iPhone is certainly not comfortable. Some runners put it in the bottle placement, some try to place it somewhere on the treadmill console, others wear it on a arm band.

The simple treadmill accessory for running with your iPhone is the Texthook Smartphone Holder. A smartphone holder attached the iPhone with a wide band to the treadmill hand bars or on the top frame.

You can see your incoming calls, change your music tracks, follow your running app, and even do a Skype conversation while running.

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Bonus.. Treadmill Running Guide Book

Treadmill Training for Marathon Runners
Treadmill Training Guide For Runners

Having a treadmill and treadmill accessories is not enough for improving your training habits. Running on the treadmill will certainly be more fun, but running more miles will not make a difference.

What WILL make the difference for you, is train on your treadmill with a treadmill training book. Th treadmill guide for runners gives all the tips and tricks to make the most out of your treadmill.

It doesn’t have to be a $4000 treadmill monster, or a low cost marathon treadmill, the book will guide you through the training variety and running ideas to improve your overall fitness to run faster.

Treadmill Training for Runners


Enjoy your treadmill, with the HD movies, through the TV stand, while surfing your iPad or your iPhone..

Do you have more ideas what to do, while on the treadmill? Leave your comments below!