It all began a few years ago when my sister flew from Japan to Hawaii..

She was a Sunday jogger (like me) running here and there a few miles.. couple of times a week. She arrived to Hawaii exactly a few days before the Hawaii marathon event. She thought, what the heck, lets run a half marathon.. it might be exciting! She never did any marathon training.

But when she came to register, they told her ‘sorry, no half marathon’s, just the full 26.2 miles..’ and what do you think she did? Yeah, she registered to the marathon run. She thought to run as long as she could.

But the crowds where cheering, and the motivation was high.. the sightseeing was beautiful.. so before she knew it she was at the 17 mile.. with no stress she kept on running, to finish 5:20 her first ever marathon.

And she fell in love! (With marathon running).

A few years later she came to me and said: ‘why don’t you try a marathon too??’ I thought she was crazy. I was running here and there too, but a marathon?!! She kept nagging me for a few days, saying ‘come on’ it’s all up here in the head! If you can jog you can run a marathon.’

And silly me, I believed her.

With a week before the Tiberias Marathon (Israel) and no real preparations or training, we registered to the event. I was excited all the way up to my ears! Waking up at dawn, stretching, eating a small meal, walking to the start line at darkness.

Then the gun went off and we started moving.. She run next to me telling me ‘slow down.. slow down..’ it is not a km run nor a 13.1 miles half marathon.. ‘slow down..’

The first miles were fun, then it became a little harder.. then I do not remember much.. 🙂 I remember the crowds go wild as I crossed them only to discover the cheers were for the leading pack which was passing me on their way back.

At the 24 miles an 80 year old race-walker passed me too…

At the 25 miles my sister was waiting for me! She had finished an hour before me, and managed to run to the hotel, shower, and run back to wait for me.. at the 25 mile.

The last 1.2 miles were a crazy dash run, I opened my stride and run a magnificent sprint till the finish line! Now the crowds were cheering for me! I have crossed the finish line at 4:50.

I did it! I managed to run a full marathon!