All About Leg Massage After a Marathon

Leg Massage Recommendation After a Marathon

Many runners ask about when is the right time for a leg massage after marathon running or marathon training. There are different therapy guidelines about when is the best time for a post marathon leg massage. We will try and bring you all the information about it, so you can choose when to have your leg massage treatment after a marathon run.

Leg Massage During the Marathon Training

Many runners schedule a full leg massage only after their marathon run. One basic advice is that the pre-marathon activity requires the same leg attention as the post run. A runner needs to be familiarized with the deep tissue leg massage on a regular basis, so the legs will learn to recover better with this therapy after the marathon too.

Do a regular leg massage treatment during your marathon training schedule. Like any runner should leave a few minutes for a warm-up and stretching, so do they need to leave a few minutes for a post running leg massage. Not any leg strokes will do, follow the tips in this special atheltes leg massage video.

A professional sport leg massage will flush away the unwanted toxins in the leg muscles and may help repair some of the broken muscle fibers. A runner who follows a marathon training program will run 30-50 miles during each week, advanced runners may even be running 100 miles per week.

Using ‘The Stick’ For Marathon Leg Massage

Leg Massage After Marathon Running
Use Stick Daily After Marathon Training

Taking care of your legs does not mean you have to invest hundreds of bucks each month for a 1 hour leg massage after each marathon training. A simple solution can do quite a good job squeezing the lactic acid away from your muscles.

The Stick is a light weight invention which is used by many marathon runners to stimulate the muscles after a long run. The Stick massages the legs circulates the blood (oxygen) flow, diffuses muscle stiffness and knots and helps faster leg recovery.

This is a cost effective solution for a leg massage after marathon training sessions. At the BIG day, you may want to invest in a massage therapist at the marathon finish line, to treat your legs in a professional way. Legs which have been treated by the Stick will react better to the hands of the sports massage therapists.

Get This Low Cost Marathon Leg Massager – The Stick

Leg Massage – How Long After The Marathon

Running a marathon puts a huge physical stress on the muscles. Having a deep tissue leg massage right after crossing the 26.2 mile finish line, may be too painful an even harmful for the muscles. Check some of the Running Training Tips once you cross the finish line – for best marathon running leg recovery:

Tip #1: Keep moving. Gradually slowing down to a walk, to allow your stressed system to attain a steady state and normalize. Stopping suddenly can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, and even fainting, if your blood pressure drops too rapidly. Your cool-down should ease you back down to resting state gently to begin the repair process of removal of metabolic wastes.

Tip #2: Put your feet up. Much of the soreness after a marathon is due to swelling from fluids that have accumulated between the muscles, causing pressure on nerve endings near the skin. Elevate your legs to help ease the pain.

Tip #3: Delay the massage. A gentle massage might help your marathon recovery. Not the usual deep friction and pressure point work you normally have to keep your legs healthy, but a light stroking of the surface in the direction of the heart. However, even a light massage may be too painful immediately post-race. A better time is 24 to 72 hours post race. Keep reading..

Here is Earl Wenk a professional sports therapist review (Muscle Wisdom) of a leg massage after a marathon run:

Again, this massage should be brief (30 minutes) and utilize only light techniques.  I start with light effleurage (stroking) with the palms of my hands and gradually increase the pressure until I am performing light loose fist effleurage and light petrissage.  Be very mindful of your pressure, as they usually cannot handle anything more than light effleurage at the beginning (ESPECIALLY on their quadriceps).  Check in with them often and look for the non-verbal signals of holding their breath or clenching their fists.

Any deep tissue work MUST be avoided at this time.  It doesn’t matter how much you want to work out a knot in their thigh.  Just keep with the light effleurage and you will feel the lumps smooth out in a few mintues. Read More..

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