Best Baby Jogger For Running Marathons

The Best Baby Running Jogger For Marathons

Best Baby Jogger For Marathon RunningWhich is the best baby jogger you can buy for marathon running. Not every ‘baby jogger’ is even meant for running. Most joggers are for urban mobility walking not for marathon training. Check below how to select the best marathon running baby jogger for your next event.

What Makes a Baby Jogger a RUNNING Jogger

If you are a new mom or dad, and wish to keep running with your baby, then you must know, most of the ‘baby joggers’ are not joggers for long runs. There are a few factors which differentiate ‘baby joggers’ and running joggers. Learn below how to make the difference and what to look for when buying a running pushchair.

Large Wheels Only – A running jogger must have three LARGE wheels. Most running joggers will be delivered with 16 inch wheels. You may see at Amazon ‘baby joggers’ which have tiny wheels, those are NOT for marathon running, they are for urban/city joggers.

Baby Jogger For Marathon RunningFixed Wheel Only – For a running jogger pushchair you must buy a fixed front wheel. All the ‘joggers’ with a swivel front wheel are not stable at high speed running. When it comes to marathon training only a fixed wheel will safe for professional runners needs. So if the baby jogger’s front wheel is large but swivels, the jogger is not suitable for marathon running.

*You may see mom’s and dad’s negative reviews about fixed wheel strollers that they are hard to maneuver. These parents bought a running jogger when they actually needed a city jogger. The last thing a marathon runner needs is that the wheel will swivel freely during their high pace run..

Low Seat Between Back Wheels – The sitting position of the baby in the running stroller is a critical factor for stability and safety while running a marathon. If the baby’s seat is high and the wheel base is narrow, it means that the baby might be tossed over easily when running at higher speeds.

Best Running Pushchair For MarathonA Running Strap – Best running joggers must have a running strap attached to them. The wrist strap is a safety precaution to keep the baby jogger attached to the running parent.

The strap allows some freedom to the runner without risking losing the jogger at a downhill course. See picture of runner mom, strapped to the running jogger (BOB Ironman Sport Stroller).

More Running Features To Look For – Running joggers must support a smooth ride for the baby or toddler who sits in them. So you need to make sure you buy a running jogger no a waking jogger.

  • Running joggers have a rear wheels suspension system, because most of the weight is placed on the back wheels ,and they need to support the smooth ride.
  • Look for pneumatic tyres,
  • Padded reclining seat,
  • Lightweight frame (usually aluminum)
  • Five-point safety harness, for maximum child safety,
  • Front & back wheel brake systems.

Best Baby Jogger For Marathon Running

There are several fine running joggers each has different pros and cons, for marathon running. But the best baby jogger for marathon running is the BOB Ironman Single Stroller ($340).

If you are a marathon runner or a roller blade rider, the BOB Ironman Single Stroller has the smoothest ride you and your baby can look for.

Best Running Baby Jogger for 2012

The BOB Ironman jogger was designed for long distance running needs. With 16 inch wheels, state-of-the-art, adjustable suspension, easy assembly, front and back wheel brake.

Read what customers who have bought the Ironman’s Running Stroller have to say: Excellent Jogging/Running Stroller“, “If baby could talk, she’d say “Smoooooooooooth.”, “Awesome for runners!” , “AWESOME, PERFECT FOR THE JOGGING MOM/DAD”.

Best Single Running Stroller For Marathon

For marathon moms and dads, the BOB Ironman Single Stroller will provide a smooth fast run. The baby has a padded seat, in a comfortable back decline, a wide canopy to shade baby’s eyes from morning sun.

If you are a professional marathoner or just a mom who wants to get back in shape, you will see other BOB’s Ironman baby running strollers at marathon races.

It is one of the most preferred running joggers marathon runners choose to run with at marathon events.

Get yours BOB’s Ironman Baby Jogger.


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