Spectator Guide For London 2012 Olympic Marathon

Spectator Guide For London 2012 Olympic Marathon

Spectator's guide to London Olympic Marathon 2012Read here all about the Spectator Guide For London 2012 Olympic Marathon. Where to stand and where to cheer the marathon runners at the 2012 Olympic games. Though the Kenyan runners are the most favorite to win the London Olympic marathon, dozen of other runners representing many countries will run the most challenging run in the Olympic games.

The London Olympic games will take place between 27 July to 12 August 2012. There will be two London Olympic Marathons! So spectators who can not make it to the women’s marathon can come and cheer the men’s marathon. The first marathon is the women’s Olympic marathon which will take place at 5 August 2012. The second race will take place a week later when the men will compete at the men’s Marathon 12 August 2012 the last day of the Olympics.

Where Spectators Can Watch The Olympic Marathon Route

The London Olympic Marathon route this year would be different than past Olympic races. The original event was planned to start at Tower Bridge, and to a finish at the Olympic Stadium, but the route has been modified, and the new Olympic marathon route begins and ends at The Mall. See below the London 2012 Olympic marathon route video, where spectators can watch the runners pass by. 

Unlike past marathons, the new route for the 2012 Olympic marathon will include 4 loops, which together cover the 42.195 kilometer distance (26.2 miles).

The new route will start in The Mall, and take in London sights including Buckingham Palace, Admiralty Arch, Birdcage Walk, St Paul’s Cathedral, Leadenhall, Tower Hill and the Houses of Parliament before finishing in The Mall.

The original starting point of Tower Bridge was ruled out since it did not have sufficient space needed for operational facilities and broadcasting positions. Read more..

How To Reach The Mall Marathon Start/Finish Line

“If you are heading to watch any of the events being held on The Mall, you should approach the venue from the south (Victoria) or west (Green Park). You will not be able to access The Mall from Trafalgar Square, as this will be used for spectators attending events at Horse Guards Parade.

As you approach the venue, please follow any signs showing the way or directions given to you by transport staff and volunteers.”

“There are three National Rail stations within walking distance of The Mall – London Charing Cross (600m), London Victoria (1,100m) and London Waterloo (1,900m).”

“The recommended stations for The Mall are: Victoria on the Victoria, District and Circle lines; St James’ Park on the District and Circle lines; and Green Park on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.”

“The Mall is located close to the River Thames and river services run from Putney in the west and Woolwich Arsenal and Greenwich in the east. Services stop at numerous piers along the way. Embankment and Westminster Piers are the closest piers to The Mall. Due to limited capacity on boats, pre-booking for river services is recommended.” Read more..

Spectators Entering The UK For The Olympic Games

The UK Border Agency adds some more tips for spectators traveling to see the 2012 London Olympic games:

“If you travel during Games time, you might notice that we have set up dedicated Olympic lanes for athletes, coaches, officials and accredited media (members of the ‘Games Family’). Even if you have tickets for the Games, you should not use these lanes as the entry process is different.

Stay within the law

Never give false or misleading information (including false receipts or documents) to a UK Border Agency officer. If you are unsure of any item you are carrying, you must speak to a UK Border Agency officer.” Read more..

Spectator’s Security In Games and Venues

At 1972 Munich Olympic Games an Arab terror group took 11 Israeli Olympic Athletes hostages, after 24 hours they have murdered them all. Unfortunately today terror is still a threat for spectators at Olympic games. To help maintain the Olympic games safe, strict rules will be enforced on all spectators. For example no liquids would be allowed to be carried to venues. For your safety and to help other Olympic spectators reach their place with minimal security checks, here are some more spectator’s guidelines:

“In most cases you can bring one soft-sided bag into venues – it should fit under your seat or in your lap. Ticket holders are strongly discouraged from bringing a bag to Football venues. If you bring a bag, you’ll be subject to additional checks which will delay your entry to the venue. Bags must also comply with size restrictions.

If you live abroad but are traveling to the UK for an event, please make sure you are familiar with UK laws. Some items that you can have at home are illegal in the UK, such as personal protection sprays.” Read more..

Spectator Signs For Marathon Runners

The runners will not see those signs because unlike regular marathons where 30,000 runners run across the city, the Olympic marathon will host the 100 best runners in the world. So they will all dash so fast you will not be able to see who is who..

But spectators signs for marathon are for the TV and for other spectators to have fun! Here are some of the funny signs other spectators have brought marathons:

Worst parade ever
Your feet hurt because you are kicking so much ass
Run faster, my arms hurt
Run like the Kenyans
Don’t walk, people are watching!
You’re almost there. Only 26 miles to go (sign for marathon start line..)
Hurry Up, We’re Cold (We’re wet..)
Run Forrest RUN (Run U.S.A Run)
Stop reading this and keep running!
 26.2 because 26.3 would be crazy / 42 Km because 43 would be crazy

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 London 2012 Olympics Spectators Guide

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