Cold Weather Long Distance Running Accessories

What You Need For Cold Weather Running


Cold Weather Long Distance Running Accessories
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The winter is just around the corner, and the temperatures are getting colder,as the marathon season is reaching it’s final weeks. But marathon runners are now preparing for 2012 marathons, and this means cold weather marathon training runs.

Training for marathon in cold weather, needs special accessories to accomplish the training program. Unless someone is preparing to join the navy SEALs and checks the body limits, marathon runners know the training is tough enough without the cold weather climate.

Cold Weather Accessories For Long Distance Runners

A few simple cold weather runners accessories may assist the runner to train better and protect the body from the cold weather, which may cause cramps and injuries. Check the ideas below, by the stuff is rather low price but will make the marathon running in cold weather more durable.

Headbands:At the health expo last weekend we saw a surge of new breathable fabrics in adorable patterns for athletic headbands. These are fashionable and functional and a great stocking stuffer for anyone who will be out in the cold.

Cold weather tops: Getting a terrific color is important, but also look for reflecting areas to keep your runner safe. Another feature for your music-loving active friend are the long sleeves with the loop hole in the upper arm for their headphone cable.

Gloves: There are new gloves for all temperatures, some even have Gore Tex and Polar layers. But sometimes it’s just nice to get an extra pair that is washable for our not-so cold winters. Target has all kinds of cute colors and sells them in pairs of two sets for $2, making them the perfect stocking stuffer!

Creaseless ponytail holder: These look like wrapped ribbon, and protect from breakage while keeping her hair out of her face. We found these at One Fish, Two Fish on the corner of Whitaker and Jones streets, one for under $5 and a pack for under $15.” Read More…

Winter Running Accessories – Christmas Gifts

These winter running accessories are great as Christmas gifts for runners. Any marathon runner would like to get a small gift which is useful and meaningful as a running accessory. If you buy these for a friend or a family member who is a runner, know they will be very happy and will use it regularly!

Here are some recommended cold weather running accessories, to protect the body when training, they can be for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone you care about.

Winter running accessories is not about being fashionable, it is about protecting the body during a long run session. The body heats and the climate is cold, these two can cause inner pains and injuries, when runners are not well covers with the right apparel.