Congressman Tim Ryan Will Run Cleveland Marathon

Congressman Ryan Runs Cleveland Marathon

Congressman Ryan Runs Cleveland MarathonWe usually like to snap at our politicians, but this time Congressman Tim Ryan runs the Cleveland Marathon for a good cause. Raising money for US soldiers who return home and need support to return back to normal life. Running a marathon was always a good way to raise awareness and support, it stays like this even when a politician runs a race for a good cause.

Congressman Running Cleveland Marathon

Vindy website has brought this short news entry:

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan of Niles, D-17th, will run in the Cleveland Marathon on May 20 in support of Project Welcome Home Troops, an organization that helps returning military veterans with stress relief.

Ryan has been training for weeks for the event.

Project Welcome Home Troops uses breathing techniques to reduce anxiety, deal effectively with strong emotions, and increase resiliency and energy over a six-day course, Ryan said.

For every $250 raised, Ryan said a service member can attend the training at no cost. See source..

Project Welcome Home Troops

The Project Welcome Home Troops is an important project which supports the troops back to normal life, with the practical training of the Power Breath Workshop.

The Power Breath Workshop is a mind-body resilience building program for returning veterans. Taught over 6 consecutive days, the workshop offers practical breath-based tools and physical stretching that decrease the stress, anxiety and sleep problems that many returning veterans experience. Learn a set of breathing practices that can be used as needed, day or night, to reduce sudden anxiety or insomnia. See more..

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