Fitbit Sleep Tracker For Marathon Runners

Marathon Runners Need a Sleep Tracker

Do marathon runners need sleep tracker? Many marathon runners do not know the enormous influence a good night sleep may have on their athletic performance. A Sleep tracker can help marathon runners and other hard training athletes monitor their sleeping habits and find whether they are not getting the most of their night sleep.

Runners sleep is the most overlooked factor in marathon training!

Why Sleep Is Important For Marathon Runners

Many do not know that during their running or core muscle workout for runners, the muscles do not build up, but rather break down. Hard exercise is breaking the fiber of the muscles, it is the night sleep which builds up the muscle and the skeletal structure. Runners Resource has more on sleeping importance for runners.

When sleeping, the body’s temperature and heart lowers and the entire body enters a stage of relaxation. During the deepest stage of sleep, which is called rapid eye movement (REM), the body releases growth hormones to repair muscle tissue. The muscles are paralyzed during this time to allow maximum repair.

Sleep is also essential for a properly functioning immune system. If the body is sleep deprived, the number of T-cells go down. Among other purposes, T-cells play an important role in activating and directing immune cells. This is why it is so important to sleep well when sick.

REM sleep usually commences about 90 minutes after falling sleep and lasts about two hours on average. However, if a runner is overly stressed or has trouble sleeping, he or she may not ever reach the critical stage of REM. Therefore, take the time to make necessary changes to your schedule or daily habits if you are not getting at least eight hours a day. Read more on this..

The Science Daily brings a study of athletes performance and lack of sleep. They have found a connection between a good night sleep and sports achievements.

“While this study focuses specifically on collegiate swimmers, it agrees with data from my other studies of different sports and suggests that athletes across all sports can greatly benefit from extra sleep and gain the additional competitive edge to perform at their highest level.”

The study also monitored daytime sleepiness and weekly changes in mood. Daytime sleepiness decreased significantly with extra sleep, while mood improvements related to getting extra sleep included higher ratings of vigor and lower ratings of fatigue.

“Typically, many athletes accumulate a large sleep debt by not obtaining their individual sleep requirement each night, which can have detrimental effects on cognitive function, mood, and reaction time,” said Mah. “These negative effects can be minimized or eliminated by prioritizing sleep in general and, more specifically, obtaining extra sleep to reduce one’s sleep debt.” Find more..

 How Fitbit Sleep Tracker Can Help Marathoners

A marathon runner wakes up in the morning and plans his next day running schedule. If the marathon running program says 15 miles, than 15 miles it will be. The runner has no clue that his former night sleep and the accumulated week sleep has more influence on his training than the amount of mileage he has run so far.

This is where the Fitbit tracker (or any other sleep tracker) come to the rescue. The small sleep gadget can track exactly the amount of night sleep, be monitoring body movement and breathing. Once you know how well you are sleeping, and learn how many times you woke up during the night, you can plan your marathon training schedule so you will sleep more, and sleep better.

Runners Fitness & Sleep Tracker

How Marathon Runners Can Sleep Better

Thousands Of Runners Use The Fitbit Sleep Tracker

Here are some more tips for you to improve your night sleep:

Block or Mask Noise – Do you wake up from noises? Even if you think you don’t.. you do. Go to sleep without the TV, close the door, shut a window. Use mask noises like fan or air conditioning noises.

Comfortable Bed – Sleep on a wide, comfortable bed. Use cotton sheets, make sure they are tight. Use pillow for neck support.

Sleep Tracker For Marathon Runners
Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Light – Blackout curtains are worth the investment, they will make sure you will sleep all the way until the alarm clock wakes you up. In low light conditions the hormone melatonin is released.

Do not Overheat – Try and sleep in a cool temperature, have enough blankets to cover your body to keep you cozy.

Get Rid Of Snooze Alarms – The body needs to be able to detect when it is time to wake up. Snooze alarms allow the body to keep drifting between sleep and awakening.

Sleep 8 Hours Per Night – Only eight hours per night will fill you body with the energy it needs for best running performance. There should be no debts… The idea is to sleep more, and sleep well.

Use a Sleep Tracker – No one can track his sleep without a sleeping tracker. Monitor your exact sleeping hours, how many times you waked up.

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You will soon recognize which factors at night interferes your quality sleep. Do harder workout and more demanding running when you monitor you have enough quality sleep.


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