Marathon Running! Headphones or Earbuds?

Marathon Running With Headphone or Earbuds

 There is some debate which way is best for running marathons? headphone or earbuds? Many people run and listen to music with headphones, they say earbuds are not comfortable and always pop out. Those running marathons with earbuds say the headsets are clumsy and fall off. So what is the best way to listen to music at long distance runs?

There is not a straight forward answer because each runner likes to run with different music tracks and different headsets. In this post we will check the pros and cons of the headphones and earbuds for listening to music while running a marathon.

iPods Are Not Allowed During Cash Prizes Race

Did you know that runners competing for USA Track & Field (USATF) races and or cash prizes are not allowed to use electronic devices like iPods, smartphones or even the Motorola MOTO ACTV fitness trainer and music player! This woman runner was disqualified from first place for using an iPod during a marathon race! See Tom Held of the Journal Sentinel report:

“Lakefront Marathon officials have disqualified a second women’s winner because the runner from Lombard, Ill., tuned into her iPod in the late stages of the run to Veterans Park, Race Director Kristine Hinrichs confirmed Wednesday morning.”

Race photos showed Goebel with an iPod tucked into the waistband of her shorts and she admitted using the device in violation of a USA Track and Field rule that applied only to elite runners in the Lakefront Marathon.” Continue reading ths post..

If you do decide to run with music, which headset would you prefer to use?

Running Marathon With Earbuds

Running Marathon With Earbuds HeadsetsUsing earbuds to listen to your favorite music during marathon running has its pros and cons. The pros are:

  • Earbuds have no weight, so you run with nothing on.
  • Earbuds can be tight inside your ear, so the sound is better and they do not fall off.
  • They do not interfere with earings..
  • They do not fall off because of glasses, hats or long pony tail hair.

The cons of running a marathon with ear-buds are:

  • Some people just can’t stand the fact something is plugged so deeply in their ear when running, it makes them hear the pulse and blood circulation gushing beat.
  • Earbuds have wires and wires tend to tangle and get plugged out.
  • Music and bass levels sometimes are less than desirable.

If you think there are more pros than cons here is a fine sports ear-bud for running – Sport Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones these earbuds are designed especially for long distance running and can be connected to iPod, iPhone, MP3 and othe portable music players. And they are realy cheap.. 😉

Running Marathons With Headphones

Running Marathon With Sports Vertical HeadphonesThere are quite a lot of headphone sets which can be connected to iPod, iPhones, MP3 Players. Most runners will skip the ‘retro’ headsets, which are too bulky and heavy to run with. The most common type of headphones for marathon running are the slim headphones with the vertical support.

These sports and running headphones have many names such as: running vertical headphones; sports behind-the-neck headphones; workout clip-on headphones; exercises neckband headphones.

Buy these vertical headphones made especially for sports and long distance running.

Here is what the CNET review has to say about these vertical headphones for sports music:

“This loosely defined category usually refers to lightweight models with two general headband styles: standard vertical bands that arch over the head or horizontal designs that extend behind the head or neck. Some sport headphones have an ear clip or attachment in the place of a head- or neckband. These headphones are almost always open-backed designs (such as the ear-pad models, below), with good reason: if you’re jogging, the last thing you want to do is completely block out the ambient noise of the street around you.


Upside: Behind-the-neck designs won’t interfere with your hairstyle or your hat; usually stay put during running or jogging.


Downside: A lot of stylish, slender headphone designs aren’t all that durable; some behind-the-neck designs exert higher-than-average amount of pressure on your ears. Continue reading the whole post..

You may want to know that there are also water resistant music headphones for extreme sports and triathlons. So swimming, cycling and running can be done with music all the way.

If you are an elite runner, please make sure the marathon guidelines and TOS allow the use of headsets and music devices during the race. Otherwise you might be disqualified by the organizers.

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