Hal Higdon 18 Week Marathon Training Program Reviewed By Enthusiastic Runner

Hal Higdon 18 Week Preparation For NYC Marathon

Hal Higdon 18 Week Marathon Training ProgramMany people who train for their first marathon encounter so many marathon training programs, they do not know which to pick. Here is a first hand review of the Hal Higdon 18 Week Marathon Training Program completed by a blogger who plan to race the New York City Marathon at November 6 2011.

It is not her first marathon race, but it seems Hal Higdon 18 Week Marathon Training Program has done some mental makeover for her, as she is very confident of her running abilities, and mental preparation is part of the ‘secrets’ to succeed in marathon running.

Some marathon winners say, it is more ‘up here’ pointing at their head than ‘down there’ at their feet. they can say that because their legs and lungs are well prepared. Regular ‘humans’ need special marathon training programs, to be able to achieve a full 26.2 marathon. See DizzyMissLizzy review of her 18 week marathon schedule by Hal Higdon:

“Having run 4 marathons, it feels weird to say that I have never made it through an entire 18 Week marathon training program. Ever. It feels amazing to be in my final week of training. I also feel stupid for never following a plan before and wasting my time on those other marathons. Maybe they happened so I could be tougher…who knows?

I guess technically I didn’t really make it through this one since I sprained my foot and have only been Spinning, not running, since finding out.

Week 17 was supposed to have an 8 mile run as the long run, but to protect my foot I didn’t do any running. However, I did two back to back Spinning classes on Saturday to try to re-create a low-impact version of what I was supposed to complete.

I don’t think I have lost any of my base since spraining my foot, as I have continued to complete high-intensity Spinning classes 4 days a week.

I cannot believe how far I’ve been able to run in these 18 weeks. I didn’t know I was capable of it. I used to use the excuse that the marathon just wasn’t my distance. I didn’t realize that adding some interval training and strength training to my long runs would make such a difference. When I’m at mile 20 on Sunday…I’ll remember that the OLD me wouldn’t have that extra lean muscle to rely on, that stronger core, or the hours and hours of Spinning to overall strengthen my legs. The old me had the jello arms and the muffin top and had to walk at mile 13. This year I am running the entire 26.2 miles. I don’t think I can. I know I can.

My foot isn’t 100% better. It’s probably about 80% better. I’ll keep icing it and try to do my VERY best to get it up to speed by Sunday. I’m not exercising from Thursday-Sunday so I think surely by then it will be all ready to go.

I don’t have a goal time. I just know that I will run this under 5 hours, which will be a Personal Record for me. I hope to be closer to 4 and 1/2 hours. I only plan to stop at aid stations twice during the first half of the race, so that will definitely speed up my time. I also won’t be hot and sweaty as the high for Sunday is only 55 degrees. Ideal!”

There is no doubt fresh runners need some guidance during their marathon training. Some may run themselves all the way to the hospital with marathon training orthopedic injuries, others may be discouraged on the way, it is important for new runners and those who wish to improve their PR to get professional assistance from Pro runners, like Hal Higdon.

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