How Long Does it Takes To Run a Marathon

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Marathon

How Long Does it Takes To Run a MarathonHow long does it take to run a marathon? Well it depends if you are a Kenyan runner or a human runner šŸ™‚ If you are Kenyan runner, than running a marathon should take you below 2:30 from start to finish. If you are a human being like the rest of us, than the answer is not as simple.

How much does a car cost? It depends on the kind of car you plan to buy.. There is no official marathon pace, which a runner should stick to. The personal marathon pace is different from person to person,and it is very much dependent on the amount and type of marathon training the runner was doing.

Elite Runners Marathon Pace

The top pack of marathon runners are constantly running faster marathons. The current world record for a full 26.2 marathon belongs to Patrick Makau of Kenya. The record was set at theĀ Berlin MarathonĀ 2011 when Makau crossed the finish line after 2 hours 3 minutes 38 seconds. From the top ten best results for marathon running 6 are results set by Kenyan runners, the other 4 runners are from Ethiopia.. (Wikipedia).

How Long Does it Take Good Runners To CompleteĀ a Marathon

Good runners are runners who have been training for the marathon. They have been training for weeks, and they have been monitoring their improvement. There are plenty of marathon training guides and books to follow. No matter what you choose, stick with it. Do not zig zag between marathon guides Ā and books, since they each have different methods which are unique to them.

How long does it take good runners to finish a marathon? Good runners may run marathons for less than 3:30 hours. This will be a rather fast pace for a marathon, and it can be improved by different running workout and nutrition.

How Long Do Average Runners To Complete a Marathon

Average runners are those who run 2-3 times a week, jog on Sunday, and have practiced before the marathon in order to arrive to the start line in a good shape. Average runners usually train withĀ professional marathon running guideĀ to be ready for their big race. An average runner will run more than one marathon in his life.. So training for a marathon is part of the personal challenge to improve the last years result.

You can expect average runners to finish a 26.2 marathon in 4-5 hours. In fact this is the US average time for marathon running at 2009 was 4:35 this is a 10:29/mile pace.

How Long Would It Take For a First Timer

My first marathon result was 4:50. A first time marathon is not about result it is about to finish the race. The official time to run a marathon is usually below 6 hours. As long as you can run the whole race under six hours, than you will be in the list of runners who have succeeded to complete the marathon.

If you have never run before over 30 minutes, and if you are currently overweight, you can still succeed to run a a marathon by proper training. Check this article about how to run a marathon if you are overweight.

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