How to Become a Runner Even If You Are Overweight

From Just Overweight To Overweight Runner

How to become a runner even if you are overweight
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How do you define yourself? Just overweight? morbidly obese? Why not take control over your own definition and become an overweight marathon runner! You can become a runner even if you are overweight. The process may be even surprisingly easier than just going on another diet.

In order to become a runner (overweight runner at first..) you need to decide to be one. The first thing you will need to learn is how to start running if you are overweight. The answer is ‘nice and slow’.

Overweight Runner Training Program

You will probably need to learn the walk run marathon strategy, program created by Jeff Galloway (legendary marathon author). In short this strategy means, you walk and during your walking route YOU decide to jog for a few yards, it can be 5-20 yards even. You keep walking and adding these ‘short jogging’ sessions throughout your walk. The outcome will be you will find that running IS possible, you will try and jog for longer distances as you practice, the self esteem will boost because it is easy to succeed, and both walking and running will become easier tasks.

This Overweight Runners training Program is also suitable for marathon training for people over 40 who have never been in shape or did any regular exercises in their life. Read below on self motivation for overweight runners:

“In other words, fitness is a lifestyle, not an end goal. So don’t expect you can be really committed for several months and get to your “perfect body” and then go back to living the lazy life. Any dieting craze is bad for your body and mind. To have consistent results, you need to have consistent methods and disciplines. You can’t expect to be able to clean your bathroom once and then never have to do it again. It’s an ongoing maintenance process. Same with fitness.

That said, you might as well learn to like it and make it fun, right?

So the first thing to learn is what motivates you. Do you need to set a goal for yourself, like lose a certain amount of weight, gain muscle mass, run a race? Or do you need to find that mode of exercise that you just love and look forward to every week, like Zumba or Pilates? Maybe you need to start with small goals so you can quickly see progress (i.e. do 15 pushups from your toes), or you might be the type of person who needs a big, lofty goal to strive for (a triathlon).

Another thing that will make a fitness lifestyle successful is simply planning. When you organize your day, or your week, be purposeful about fitting exercise and good nutrition in there. It’s much easier to order pizza or settle for frozen dinners one too many times if you haven’t planned anything else to eat.” See more on this..

Find your inner motivation! 

Finally, let yourself be regularly inspired! Get to know people who are on the same journey and working hard. If you have friends who will make fun of you for working out and trying to change your lifestyle, well, make some new friends who will encourage you to be healthy.

I was inspired by a friend who last week completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington. It took her just under seven hours (for comparison, an average marathon finishing time is about four and a half hours). The people who cross the finish line first always get the most laud and recognition, but while I was standing on the sidelines waiting to spot my friend, I was filled with awe and respect for the constant trickle of people who kept coming, who stayed committed and kept moving for six or seven hours.

They showed more endurance than those who finished in half that time. Many of these finishers were either older, were not in great shape, maybe had injuries of some kind, or were just slow. But, they didn’t give up and they finished a marathon. Something millions of other “more fit” people have never done. See more on this..

The journey to become a runner if you are overweight is a long journey. If you accept that the overall change will be seen in a few month than you will probably succeed. If you follow the walk run marathon strategy, you will see short term results which will help you keep motivated too.

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