How To Begin Training For Marathon?

How to Begin A Marathon Training Schedule

How To Begin Training For MarathonIt may happen to you one day, you decide to run a marathon race. But the main question is how to begin a marathon training program.

Beginning a marathon training program, or even choosing the right training program, is very important for your training success.

The right marathon training program is the program which you can follow for 2-3 month. If a schedule require more time than you can invest, you will soon neglect it.

Here are Fitness Tips For Free which list part of the things you may want to consider before choosing one plan over another.

“Every training schedule is unique. It depends of the runner himself. It depends on you. Generally, a program runs for at least 16 to 24 weeks. Before your program starts, you must be able to run or walk some miles daily for a few months. Your days could definitely be busy and so it will be important for you to organize your daily work schedule as you fit your training hours into your daily routine.

Continuous long runs, several easy runs and repetition efforts are the main activities beginner runners must observe. In the next levels – intermediate and advanced, speed track sessions and hills are two of the training tools utilized to keep runners consistent in achieving their time goals and physically fit for every race.

It has been observed that an easy-to-follow schedule is what works especially to those who are just starting. Some people prefer to do their training schedules on their own while some hire a coach or a trainer to just that. Well, the better choice would be the second one. This is because a coach or a trainer is experienced enough in identifying the level, strengths and weaknesses of the athletes he is handling and so he can come up with different routines that will keep you ready for running as you keep in mind your time goals.

The top two problems that rookie runners encounter are fatigue and injury due to over training. Why so? Because they believe that they can achieve more, if they do more training. While training is a must, runners and other athletes must understand that proper rest is important to keep their bodies strong and healthy for the races they are going to join.”


The best advice would be to look into some of the marathon training plans  and see that they are suitable for you. If you are just a beginner, you need a marathon training program for beginners. if you are intermediate level, you need a plan which will help you break your PR.

Do not forget the marathon nutrition basics and buying the right stuff for a professional marathon run.

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