How To Choose a Marathon Training Coach

How To Select a Marathon Run Coach

If you want to improve your result or to run your first marathon, you probably will need to Choose a Marathon Training Coach. How do you choose a marathon running coach? Do they have to be marathon runners themselves? Does the coach has to be a champion? with fast results? Follow the guidelines below to find out how to select a marathon running coach.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much time do you have per week to invest in training?
  2. What is the exact goal? To improve personal best or to run below 2:03 😉
  3. What attitude does the coach need to have?
  4. Do you expect peronal running sessions or an online program follow up.
  5. Do yu expect the trainer to run the marathon with you?

Once you answer these questions for yourself, you can see further parameters before you choose a personal marathon  running coach.

Coach Alphonzo Speaking Of Picking a Marathon Coach

Choosing a Personal Marathon Coach

There are plenty of long distance running coaches available to pick from, the real question is what are your needs? Are you looking for a personal coach which will run just with you, or would you like to join a running team.

Training for a marathon with a personal coach has many advantages, like a personal attention, adjustments to your improvement scale. If you are a beginner and this is your first marathon a personal coach can help with the anxious feeling before the run itself.

Team training for marathon means you will be part of a group. A group has other advantages, a team support, more running buddies and running styles to learn from. A team can add motivation to the long marathon training sessions. But a team coach mans less personal touch during the run.

Here are some more tips from G-Force Multisport on how to pick the right marathon running trainer coach:


You want to make sure that the coach’s style matches your expectations. Does the coach meet you in person or only coach virtually? Are they hands on? How quickly and often do they respond to questions? Do they partner with their athletes or are they authoritarian? A good coach will be flexible and versatile. They will work with each athlete to meet them where they are and create a specific plan to help them reach their goals. Do your homework and ask these important questions when getting to know a prospective coach.


Can the coach provide you with several references of other athletes they have worked with? If the coach is new, ask for personal references from people who they have worked with in other disciplines. It’s always a good idea to do a reference check.

Know Who Will Provide the Service

Many coaching companies have multiple coaches ranging in experience, expertise and qualifications. Make sure you clarify up front who will be providing you with the coaching services. You don’t want to pay a premium for a top coach only to find out that you will only interact with a college intern who is learning the ropes. Ask the coach exactly what you will get and from whom. Most good coaches will actually initiate this conversation and will have an athlete questionnaire to help facilitate the initial conversation. You can find ours here. Continue reading..

Here is a peek at a marathon training offer of a marathon personal coach. Marathon Matt has single training or team group training offers. As you can see when choosing a marathon running coach program you get more than just running sessions. You get deep insights on other running matters which can be of great importance later on. See part of the basic plan Marathon Matt offers:

10-12 weeks of training
-2-3 group trainings per week
-20-30 total workouts per season
-USATF/RRCA/NASM certified coaches & trainers
-A technical training shirt
-Informative clinics/seminars
-Team social events
-Detailed training schedule for every day of the week
-Twice weekly email newsletter supporting your training
-Partner discounts with PSOAS Massage/Bodywork, Sports Basement, and more
-Free nutrition/hydration products from GU Energy
-100-150+ excellent teammates.

Find more here..

 Be Prepared For Personal Running Coach

How To Choose a Marathon Training Coach
Best Marathon Training Guidebook

You can be prepared for a running coach by reading some books/kindle and being ready for the professional langauge, the wider aspects of running and workout. There are several running books which can help you begin your marathon dream a few steps closer.

The marathon bible is Hal Higdon’s book about marathon running. It includes all the basics and advanced knoladge a runner needs to know before attempting a marathon. Hal Higdon has many books (over 30) but the only one you need is – MARATHON – The Ultimate Training Guide. (See pic)

If you are a total newbie than the best book to begin any marathon training is the Jeff Galloway Walk-Run-Walk book. For those who have never been too athlatic, for those who have never had the urge to run but one day decide to do it. Jeff Galloway’s book is the best book for the beginners! Running: Getting Started

If you are an advance runner, and need top notch training, you must read Dr. Nicholas Romanov’s Pose Method of Running. This book will rock your world. Pose running can help you run a faster marathon, with less injuries. Dr. Nicholas Romanov’s Pose Method of Running.

If your dream is marathon, than you should consider choosing a marathon running coach. There are some peaks in life you need a professional assistance to manage! Marathon is one of them.. a personal or team coach is so valuable, you will only know it once you are crossing the finish line! Good luck!

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