How to Get a Runner’s Body Without Running

Is It Possible to Get a Runner’s Body Without Running

 How To Get a Runners Body Without RunningIf you want to learn how to get a runners body, as a marathon training website, we encourage you to lace up your shoes and gets started running. But if you want to learn how to get a runner’s body without running.. than it can be done.. But gets a little more complicated.

If you are physically injured, and can not do long distance running, you can still do other cross training workouts activities which will shape your muscles into a lean mean running machine, without the running.

If you are looking for shortcuts to a runner’s body without running, you will see a technological solution at the bottom of this post.

Secrets to a Runner’s Body Shape

 how to get a lean runner's bodyYou can get a runners body shape by implementing two basic activities, getting a low fat percentage, which will make the muscles be seen under the skin. And do runner’s body stretches which stretch the muscles to create longer lean muscles. Once you master these two you will begin to see an improvement in your runner’s body silhouette.

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How To Get a Runner’s Body Low Fat Percentage

There is no need to mention to maintain a low fat diet.. no double burger with cheese and french fries, or soda drinks. But here are other ‘tips’ to get a runner’s low fat body shape.

#1 Exercise for hours, and eat a small meal at the end. You do not have to run, you can walk on a treadmill or do hours of elliptical workout. You body will need to gain back the calories and energy burned during the workout and will begin to use it’s natural energy reserves.. body fat.

#2 Do the simple math, if you eat more calories than you burn, it will turn into body fat as reserves. It will go down to your abdominal or straight to your thighs and butt. If you want a runner’s butt shape, you need to eat less calories than you plan to burn. If you want a runner’s body without running, you better eat vegetables! A lot of vegetables.

#3 Do non running activity, (for hours) you can walk, swim, cycle, do elliptical workouts, core muscle med ball workouts. Try to stick to workouts which have a long muscle motion. Sprints and stair climbing will shape your body too, but they will shorten the muscles and you will not be a lean and long as you would like.

#4 Drink a lot of water, this little trick will surprise you. Drinking 2 cups of water before each meal, will naturally cause you to eat less. A well hydrated body will be able to lose weight without getting into a trauma. Remember our body is made of 70% water!

Runner's Butt Shape

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Do Body Stretches Like a Runner

Watch these videos below, they each demonstrate marathon runner’s stretch workouts. As you will see there are no jumps and weights pushing here, only slow and flexible stretches.

If you want runner’s body without running, all you need are longer lean muscles, these stretches will help you out. Do them daily.

Side Leg Extension Exercise

You can do these exercises daily, do them nice and slow. There is no power pumping exercises in a runner’s workout session. Runner’s train on lengthen their body muscles so they will be able to run with wide strides, and longer up and down arm movement.

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Shortcuts To A Runners Body Without Running

 how to get a lean runner's bodySome might have tried to do all the yoga and runner’s body stretching, but their body still remains wobbly and soft. Today there are new technological solutions which do a similar effect on the muscles, without the sweating workouts.

EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) is a technology where electric stimulation is set to the desired muscles. These muscle stimulation cause repetitive contractions. Two stimulation are done simultaneously, contract and relax. It has similar effect of workout exercises without the workout..

See the short intro clip of the butt shaper belt:

Do not be fooled, if you think you can eat as much as you can, and wear the belt and get a runner’s body without running, than you are wrong!

The EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology can turn your butt into a Kenyan marathon runner’s butt, if you keep a healthy low fat diet, so your muscles could be seen underneath the skin.

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