How To Shape a Runner’s Butt – FAST

How To Shape Your Runner’s Butt

How To Shape a Runners Butt
Runner’s Butt

There is a common thought that women runners have a small shaped butt. Men runners get that kind of curved butt too.. How do they get the small round butt shape? What is the secret for a shaped runner’s butt.

The first thing you need in order to shape a runner’s butt, would be to run and run and run. Marathon runners have the best looking butt, because it is shaped by non-stop aerobic workout and hundreds of miles per year.

Sprint running is also known to shape a runner’s butt, because they work on the explosive muscle power, and the butt muscles are like a spring which sets the runner loose to fly forward like a bullet. pFit blog explains the sprinters physics.

“Because sprinting requires strength and power, training like a sprinter develops very muscular, yet very lean, legs. Sprinters leap, jump, explode, lunge and squat their legs into the powerful machines they are.

Since plyometric exercises also burn serious calories, sprinters tend to be very lean so you can clearly see their sculpted muscles.” Read more..

Learn To Stretch Those Glutes For Shaped Butt Muscles

How To Tone a Runner’s Butt Fast

In order to get a shaped runner’s butt fast, do more uphill running. When doing marathon uphill workouts, you need more hamstring muscle power to lift your body weight¬†against the elevation. Uphill marathon training is a great way to curve your runner’s butt into your desired shape. Get Your Butt In Shape has more on uphill running and butt workouts:

‘This may not be the most obvious choises as many first think that jogging loses your muscles mass. Which is the case, when you do really long jogs. So what is meant here by running is hard and intense running to uphill or maybe running stairs. Running uphill firms up your thighs and shapes your butt. When running up hill you will notice after a while how your hamstrings and butt has to work out to keep you in speed. If you watched olympics, you will know how big a 100 m runners butt can be. It also burns out the fat around your belly and thighs, which will only make your butt look bigger as the shape comes more visible!” See source..

Get a Sexy Shaped Butt Without Uphill Running

Unfortunately¬† you need a lifetime of training to get a sexy firm runner’s butt. Most women will not dash uphills or do sprints to shape their butt. But there are other solutions to shape a firm runner’s butt with the aid of technology.

Runner's Buttocks Workout
Shape Your Butt – Flex Mini Buttocks Workout

The Flex Mini Butt Tone System

The Flex Mini is a belt which has electrodes which send electric stimulation to the upper and lower butt muscles. This electric stimulation act as a muscle exercise up to 150 times a session.

The Flex Mini sends EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation to the back of thighs and to the butt muscles cause them to contract.

These repetitive contractions work simultaneously on the buttocks muscles and back of upper thighs.

Watch Flex Mini Butt Shaping Video

Though we think a natural runner’s butt should be gained by miles of running, those who are not marathon runners may use this to tone a perky lifted runner’s butt instead.

Used by thousands to shape their tush – Focussexy Hot Womens Butt Lifter

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