How To Use The Stick Massager After Marathon Training

The Stick Massager After Running a Marathon

How to use the Stick massager after marathon running. After marathon training, the muscles need a fast way to disperses lactic acid from the muscles. Many runners know the sore feeling inside their muscles after a long run. Fast recovery after the long marathon training is important to keep the marathon training schedule.

The Stick massager is one of the most simple yet effective ways to recover your muscles after marathon training.

How Does The Stick Help Marathon Runners


The Stick and Atheltes Muscle Recovery

Another interesting aspect is an article I found at the The Stick site. One of the greatest sports heroes is Lance Armstrong. Though not a marathon runner, there is no doubt about Lance Armstrong fitness abilities and recovery miracle brought him to win 7 Tour de France races. Here is an interview from the Road Bike Magazine by with Dr Jeff Spencer who stood by Lance Armstrong to when he won his seven Tour de France victories. Dr Jeff Spencer was asked about resistant stretching and it’s connection to athletes recovery:

“On the recovery side there are things that I would suggest such as “Stick” This is a vital device that is very cost effective and one of the most important things that a person can do ( . It is like a muscle rolling pin. It is most important for after a workout. This passively elongates muscles, it helps drop the general tone of the body so that it can recover much better…” Read more..

When Dr Jeff Spencer was asked about the Stick:

“RBA: Are a lot of these athletes using the “Stick”

Dr.Spencer: We sure use them, it was one of our secret weapons. Also, if you don’t sleep, you don’t recover. If you don’t recover you can break down and you get sick, and a lot of this is really preventable. The body has natural hormones, so you can tap into the body’s ability to rest and to sleep. To me the best thing about it is that it doesn’t require that you do anything extra. You just do the “Stick” before bed and then lie down and go to sleep”. Find more..

Which Stick Is Best For Marathon Runners

How To Use The Stick After Marathon Running
Use Stick Daily After Marathon Training

There are many types of Sticks, they are all different by their length and flexibility. The most recommended Sticks for long distance runners are the ‘short’ Sticks which are used primarily for the legs, and those which are more flexible. The Short & flexible Stick for runners is called the “Marathon Stick“.

Marathon Stick Specs:

  • LENGTH: 20-inches
  • TYPE: Flexible
  • GRIPS: Yellow
  • ROLLERS: 10 working rollers
  • WEIGHT: 10.1 ounces


How to Do Runners ‘Stick’ Massage

Here is a couple of ideas for lower body massage with the Stick massager after a marathon training session. If you have time for warm up and time to stretch, than you should leave some minutes for a short leg massage after marathon training. Doing daily leg massages will help you recover faster from each session and practice better for your upcoming marathon run.

This little secret weapon of elite athletes is a life saver for marathon runners. After each long running session, when you have finished over an hour of exercise and done a hard workout, you need to relax the muscle and refresh the tissue from the lactic acid, which is responsible to the leg soreness.

Do mild leg massage after marathon training, then do a 5 minute Stick massage to help the deeper tissue recover from the intense workout. Begin to drink sports recovery drinks to help the body gain back the energy it had lost during the run.

Using the Stick for runners leg massage recovery, is just as important in investing in good running shoes! Once your muscles get used to the diffuse of lactic acid they will be ready for the next running challenge sooner.

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