Is Running A Marathon Safe During Pregnancy

Running a Marathon During Pregnancy

Are you thinking of running a marathon during your pregnancy? Well, a few years back, most doctors would say running a full 26.2 mile marathon during pregnancy is not recommended, but the times have changed, and marathon moms are a common sight during the major races.

If you are pregnant you can still run one of the spring 2012 April marathons ahead.

The has interviewed James Clapp who has written the book Exercising Through Your Pregnancy read below his opinion about running and exercise during pregnancy:

 James Clapp advised women to stay fit before, during and after pregnancy. Clapp, who was a professor in the department of reproductive biology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, disagreed with recommendations to limit physical activity during pregnancy and strongly advised pregnant women to get active. “Exercise does help prevent a variety of health problems at other times in life, so why not during pregnancy and lactation?” he wrote. “It may turn out that the two most important things a woman can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy with a good outcome are to stop smoking and start exercising before getting pregnant.” Read more on this story..

Pregnancy Running and Fitness

Another reference to running and pregnancy I have found at the running mom there gets encouragement to continue running or start running because being fit is great for the pregnant body.

Now doctors actually encourage pregnant women to start exercising if they don’t already, as it’s been shown to improve the mother’s health and alleviate some pregnancy-related symptoms, as well as lower blood pressure. I’m not surprised that women can handle this. For most of human history females were doing lots of physical labour right up until their water broke.

This doesn’t mean that you should start training for a marathon while pregnant, and you should definitely discuss this with your doctor, but think on this: many women have a tough time losing that pregnancy weight, and getting a jump start on an exercise program while pregnant can improve the chances of getting back into action soon after the baby is born. Read more..

 Long Distance Running While Pregnant

Running long distance (marathons and half marathons) are not risk-free! Fitness Families has posted some of the several risks pregnant woman need to know about:

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), any woman who is contemplating running a marathon while she is pregnant should get her doctor’s approval first.

ACOG doctors add that it is fine to keep running if you’re already a runner (though you might consider modifying your routine by cutting back on the miles or the intensity); however, it’s not a good idea to start running for the first time during your pregnancy.

Doctors warn that there are potential dangers involved in exercising too much during pregnancy. Low birth weight (defined as less than 5 1/2 pounds) is a concern especially if you are a pregnant woman running 60 miles a week. If you run long distances you may end up struggling to get enough nutrition for you and your baby. Keep reading..

Pregnant Mom Running Marathons

Paula Radcliffe is the worlds most known woman runner today, with numerous medals, titles and trophies. She was running a half marathon while six month pregnant back at 2008, and by this paving the way to endless more pregnant mothers to keep on training for marathons during their pregnancy.

Pual Radcliffe has been running while being pregnant as she told the DailyMail newspaper.

The 36-year-old, who is five months pregnant with her second child, revealed today that she is still running 14 miles a day in her efforts to stay in shape for London in 2012.
She said that her body felt in even better condition than it did before the birth of her daughter Isla, now three, and that her weight had only increased by 13lb (6kg) so far.
‘I’ve been able to keep up my running for most of the pregnancy so far,’ she told the Sun. Read more..

Paula Radcliffe (ING Marathon Winner) Pregnant

The Endurance Racing Magazine has referred to marathon running moms too, as moms were not expected to participate in races while pregnant.

Paula Radcliffe and other running mothers are an inspiration. As for her running stamina after having her baby, she quipped “Why do people think you couldn’t be the same athlete?” And she’s absolutely right. Here’s a woman who is a professional runner, who go right back to work and showed us that we can indeed do great things right after having our children. See source..


Learn About Exercising During Your Pregnancy

Is runing marathon safe during pregnancy
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