Is Stepper Exercise Good For Marathon Runners

Can Stepper Workout Improve Your Running

Using a stepper can be useful for runners when training for marathon, or for those doing cross training. Athletes should know that doing only stepper workout will not improve the marathoner’s running results. A stepper may enhance the muscle workout and frame, but can not replace the aerobic long distance training required. Here are a few more facts and insights on using a stepper when training for marathons.

A stepper has many advantages for marathon runners as explained by the Asian Casanova site:


The stronger and much longer you puff up your chest muscles and stomach then this indicates that your heart is becoming better. That’s exactly why cardio exercise is very important. Stair stepper is very good for cardio workout. Some tools for example treadmills and elliptical workout is also good for cardiovascular but stepper will give more outcomes than other tools. Stepper workout is like running up the stairways. It is rather good for the heart and stomach.

The longer and the tougher you exercise cardiovascular, then the quicker you feel healthy. On treadmills exercise, you generally reach full speed and then carefully you decrease the treadmills speed and start walking. While on the stepper, you stay in a position to climb up the stairways so it is very good for cardiovascular exercises. Start with short practice and then on the following days you could increase your training period. It will make your cardiovascular system more healthy. Read more..

Another factor worth to know about using a stepper for marathon cross training, is that the stepper is one of the low impact gym equipment. Live Strong has this comparison for the stepper vs the treadmill:


Impact is where these two machines differ. Once you place your feet on the foot pedals of the stair steeper, they stay there for your whole workout, causing no impact to your joints. The treadmill, on the other hand, causes a lot of impact to your hips, knees and ankles. You can reduce this impact by just walking. This still causes more stress to your joints than the stepper, but it is considerably less than running. By walking with the incline up, you can increase the intensity of your workouts. The impact does actually come with its advantages, though. Working out on a treadmill is weight bearing. When you do regular weight bearing exercise, your bone adapts to the impact of the weight and pull of the muscle by building more cells and becoming stronger, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. See source..

Runners Should Do Stepper Exercises At Home

Stepper exercises For Marathon trainingUnless you have plans to run up the stairs of the Empire State Building, you might need a stepper machine at home. For runners who do not train at the gym, (because it is so fun running outside) a home equipment may be a smart training accessory.

Unlike other workout machines, steppers are really affordable.

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A stepper should be used as part of the marathon cross training workouts. It is wise to do several kinds of workouts during the marathon training, to let the body ‘rest’ from the impacts of the intensive running.

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A stepper device can also help strengthen other muscles (upper body) which will improve the runner’s uphill running technique..


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