Comedian Tries To Be Olympic Marathon Runner

Japanese Comedian or Olympic Marathon Runner

It is no secret that poor countries like Cambodia have less chances to win an Olympic medal compared to the industrial countries. Neko Hiroshi a Japanese marathon runner (who is a comedian too) tried to change this situation by offering to represent Cambodia in the London 2012 summer games.

Here is the weird story by Mainichi newspaper from Japan.

Japan-born comedian Neko Hiroshi, who has obtained Cambodian citizenship and was initially chosen by Cambodia to represent the country as a marathon runner at the Olympic Games this summer, has been ruled ineligible to compete in the 2012 games by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Though the issue surrounding Neko’s citizenship has stirred controversy in Japan, it remains relatively low-key in Cambodia, but undoubtedly raises questions about sports athletes’ acquisition of citizenship in other countries.

Supporters of the comedian, whose real name is Kuniaki Takizaki, said he had been training in Tokyo on the evening of May 8, and when he had finished running, he reportedly heard the news that he would not be able to compete.

“Even if I’m not able to compete this time, I’ll aim to enter the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in four years’ time as a Cambodian,” the 34-year-old Neko was quoted as saying. See source..

Olympic Dreams For Japanese Comedian

Though his personal best 2:30:26 is not even close to the Kenyan Olympic team results, Neko Hiroshi says he will try to represent Cambodia at the next Olympic games at Brazil 2016.

His personal best is not even close yet to the 2:18:00 Olympic marathon B-standard result needed.

I think he is a brave runner, lets hope one day he will be able to run for his new country.

There is no doubt summer Olympics 2012 will rock!!

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Japanese Comedian Olympic Marathon Runner

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