Marathon Running Moms – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gifts For Running Moms

Mother’s Day is just next week, here is a list of ideas you can buy your mom if she is a running mom. Gifts for marathon mothers who run for us all year long, and now it is time to give a little something for them too.

Mother’s Day Gifts For Marathon Mother’s

If mom have been running marathons, or training for her first marathon, the whole family can show their support with a little Mother’s Day gift to mom. You can find some gifts below, which are obvious or gifts which are a nice treat for the running mom.

Women Love Underwear Apparel

Mothers Running Sports BraWe all know women love underwear clothing, and if there is something very useful and pleasant a running mom will really appreciate, that is a sports running bra! When running and training for marathons, each piece of clothing can be worn once and then tossed to the laundry bag.

Marathon training requires to run 3-4 times a week, so a runners sports bra, is a gift for Mother’s Day any runner will be glad to get. Check this brand: Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Bra it has over 600 reviews at amazon, which means it has been bought by thousands!!

Mothers Love Jewelry Gifts

Marathon moms gifts for mother's dayOK, most moms would have loved to get diamonds.. but most moms do not run marathons! So for special moms there is a need for a special gift. Here is a small jewelry for runners, something to wear before and after running a 26.2 race. It is ‘Marathon – 26.2 Love & Luck Charm Bracelet with Clear Swarovski Crystals’.

Shinning enough to show off the marathon 26.2 sign, elegant enough to wear for casual work days, love and luck is all we wish our running partners. There are some braclets which cost slightly less, but mom always deserves a little extra..  

Running Moms Need a Legs Massager

 Marathon Running MomsFor runners only here is a treat which many professional runners recommend having. It is called the “Marathon Stick”, it looks simple and it is.. but this runner’s leg massager does wonders for athletes who need to recover from marathon running. Lance Armstrong had The Stick with him at his Tour De France races.

Runners do not go out to train without knowing they have The Stick Leg Massager at home to help them refresh their muscles after a long marathon training run. There are several types of Sticks, this one was designed for runners needs.

Welcome To The Runner’s World

Mom's Day Runner's World GiftHere is a nice gift for your running mom, or partner, getting the Runner’s World elite magazine for runners, which is known worldwide for it’s professional tips, news and advice. Runner’s World is more than a runner’s magazine, it is a cult. Thousands of runner’s across the country get their monthly print issue of Runner’s World.

Get Here 12 Annual Print Issue Of Runner’s World

We know you can find anhing on the web, but getting the monthly envelope, opening the magazine cover, letting the fingers go through the paper, it gives the whole cult of runner a different scent. It makes it a hobby to read, get informed, be a leader. Give mom a surprising present for mother’s day, a gift she will keep getting every month!

Running Mothers Will Love To Relax

Yoga for running mother's day giftTraining for marathons, and running to keep fit, is time consuming and stressing. Moms have less time than anyone else as they take care of everyone all year round. Here is nice gift for mother’s day any running mom will like to try. It is a beginner’s kit for Yoga. Many marathon runners do yoga to clean their mind, doing yoga helps mental training before long runs.

The Gaiam Yoga For Beginners Kit includes all the accessories needs to begin Yoga exercises. In the box mom will find alignment yoga mat, block, strap and DVD , see all the lessons included inside.

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