Marathon Training Workouts

Marathon Training Workouts

Marathon Training WorkoutsAny part of your marathon training program needs to be a cross training of Marathon Training Workouts. There are quite a lot of marathon training workouts you can add to your marathon training program, here you can learn about some of the recommended workouts elite runners do to prepare themselves for the 26.2 mile race.

High Pace Running Workouts For Marathon

Being able to run a speed pace  is an important part in the marathon training workouts plan. The high pace run requires the heart to be able to push itself to the limit of the rate zone, and require the muscles to produce extra force. Here is an example of a pace run program mentioned at Live Strong; The pace training workout brought by the guru marathon coach Hal Higdon:

“One of the most effective ways to speed train for your marathon is through pace runs, according to marathon author and expert Hal Higdon. Pace runs are designed to gradually get your body used to running at your desired pace by increasing the number of miles you run at that pace. For example, if you are trying to run a marathon at a 10-minute mile, your first pace run in your training program might be for 3 miles. The next week, you might increase that to 4 miles, followed by a 5-mile run at that pace several weeks later once your body has been better able to adjust. You should consider doing a short warmup jog before your pace runs, Higdon says.” Read More..

Uphill Marathon Training Workouts

Uphill running is another way to let the body face running challenges, which require it to shift from ‘auto-pilot’ running to a full conscious running technique. The uphill marathon training requires shorter strides, more arm work, a slight change in the body pose and foot landing technique. A great source for hill running is the site Mountain Running, they recommend a slightly different approach to uphill marathon training workouts:

“A much better method involves bouncing up a hill, with high knee lift and vigorous arm movement that best looks like sprinting in slow motion. The hill can be short and quite steep or longer (300 metres or more) and much more moderate in gradient. In Run The Lydiard Way, Arthur Lydiard describes uphill bouncing as:

‘springing up, on your toes, not running up, but bouncing… upwards with a high knee lift……… hard, pushing upwards with your toes, flexing your ankles as far as possible and landing on the forepart of your foot, with the heel coming down below the level of the toe…..your actions must be relaxed, with the head up and looking ahead, the hips slightly forward, the legs driving down forecfully……….your progression up the hill won’t be fast but slow.’ Read More..

Upper Body Workouts For Marathoners

Upper body workout training is an essential part of the marathon training workouts program. During a marathon run, the upper body rhythm has a role in the lower body coordinated movement.

Watch below Ryan Hall strength workouts exercises with a Med-Ball which weighs is 3kg (6 pounds).

Using a Med Ball helps maintain a fluent upper body movement and strength, without the side effect of weightlifting. A Medicine Ball allows numerous strength exercises options which are more fun than ‘pumping iron’.

Interval Marathon Training Workouts

Interval marathon training workouts are a great way to improve your marathon running pace, and prepare yourself to breaking your personal record. There are many ways to run marathon training interval workouts, and once you plan your training goal in advance it becomes a real physical challenge.

The main idea is to run at a high pace some distance, and then let the body recover, and then run the same distance again. Doing this interval workouts is one of the best ways to improve your marathon result! The distances can be adjusted to your needs from 400 meter, to 5 km. Here is an example of marathon training interval workout from the Running Planet:

1600 Meter Repeats
This is very effective marathon interval training session because you are running at goal pace for an extended period of time. The recovery intervals will keep you from suffering from over training or injuries.
Description:  6 to 12 x 1600 meter repeats. Run 1600 meter repeats at goal marathon pace. Begin with about 6 repeats and gradually increase your number of repeats to around 12 before you start your marathon taper.
Pace: marathon race pace
Recovery: Recover between each 1600 meter repeat with 400 meters at an easy recovery pace. Read more..

More Marathon Training Workouts Ideas

Hal Higdon's Marathon Training WorkoutsIf you need more marathon training workouts ideas, you should take a look at this guide:

Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide: Advice, Plans, and Programs for Full Marathons.





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