Mario Lopez Training For New York City Marathon

Hollywood Gossip Show Host Training For NYC Marathon


Mario Lopez Training For Marathon NYC 2011
Attribution: Chrisa Hickey

The good looking gossip host ‘Extra’ show Mario Lopez Is Training For New York City Marathon!

Mario Lopez has a few other long runs behind him, so he is very confident of is ability to complete the 26.2 NYC marathon. Mario Lopez except from training for the New York City Marathon, is also promoting a new gadget for long distance runners!

The ‘Motoactv’ gadget which serves as a music and heartbeat rate monitor, and collects information regarding the run, and shows which songs make you preform better. Mario Lopez sees an opportunity to bring the new Motorola gadget upfront at the New York City Marathon:

“Running has become therapeutic for me. I can clear my mind and I can just go through my day and have a lot of clarity,” he said. “It’s become sort of a ritual now.”

Lopez is no stranger to working out — his fitness routine is diverse and includes boxing three times a week and swimming.

“I like to mix it up,” he said. “I like to take in those different sort of classes too, like Crossfit training classes. So anything, whether it’s shooting hoops … I just like being outside when it’s nice and indoors maybe taking a spin class. Because I’ll get bored if not.”

He has a goal for the marathon, which is his second ever (he ran the Boston Marathon years ago in addition to a couple of half-marathons and a triathlon once). Other celebrities and athletes signed up to run the marathon include Jennie Finch, Apolo Ohno, Christy Turlington and Mya.

“I’d like to go as close to four hours as possible. OK. I’m going to do four and a half to be honest. Because my running partner tore his hamstring, so I’m feeling bad and I’m feeling guilty. Do I just leave him and go do my own deal? He’s my partner/trainer, so I feel kind of bad!” he said. “I put it out on Twitter and everybody’s like, ‘Aw…” It’s about the journey and about being fit and being healthy. But … I’m a little conflicted. I’m definitely gonna complete it. I know that.” Read All About It Here

Mario Lopez Training For New York City Marathon

It seems that celebs do not run the marathon without promoting something… Are there any celeb runners who just run for the sake of running? Or are they ‘at work’ even when they run a marathon. They promote marathon running gear when they are training, they promote charity foundations when running.

Super models train for the NYC marathon (Christy Turlington), promoting charity is a nice cause but it really seems no one is running just for fun any more. Is it just me who find it somewhat disturbing?