Is Motorola MOTOACTV – Accurate For Tracking Your Run

Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Runners Watch Accuracy
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When using any GPS tracking device, you may know there are some differences in the way the collect data and valuate your position. Motorola MotoACTV runners training for marathon need to know the Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Tracking Accuracy to know if they are training at the right pace and distance according to their marathon training plan.

Read below about Motorola MotoACTV fitness GPS tracking accuracy, when it was compared to the Garmin 610 GPS running watch. It seems the MotoACTV GPS tracking watch recorded a shorter distance than the Garmin and when calculated the running calories burned and the pace, the two GPS tracking watches did not show the same results!

Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Watch Accuracy

It is impossible to say which of the watches is less accurate unless measured with a third watch as a benchmark. There are some more explanations for this phenomenon. The GPS Accuracy of Motorola MotoACTV is relative to the satellites which hover way up high in the sky and also are there any disturbances like running under trees, at urban streets and other terrains which may alter the GPS accuracy.

It is also possible as mentioned that the Garmin 610 GPS runners watch accuracy was wrong and the GPS tracked a longer route than was actually done by the runner. Note that running under trees or beside building streets means the battery will be exhausting sooner because the accuracy of the MotoACTV GPS watch is dependent on a constant connection to the sky, and buildings can block the direct sky and satellite from the GPS device. Just like the cellpone would use more of the battery and higher emit levels when you go inside an elevator.

Motorola GPS MotoACTV Device Reviewed

Though any new running gadget always looks good when unboxed (just like running shoes..) I think this small GPS nano device with the sleek touch screen and the nice anti-glare screen. The side menu and volume have a comfortable large buttons to help the runner handle all the basics easily while running. The Motorola GPS MotoACTV Fitness Tracker comes with some accessories like the  SF700 Wireless Sports Headphones with Integrated Heart Rate Monitor!

There are dozen of options to be added and used, the most reviewed app is the one that lets you know in which music theme  your physical results are better. As the MotoACTV GPS watch accurately records all your running data and cross checks it with the playlist you have been listening to. Cool! 

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