Olympic Marathon Course Will Slow Runners

London’s Olympic Marathon Will Be Slow

Olympic Marathon Course Will Slow RunnersThis year we should not expect to see the record broken in any of the Olympic marathon events. The women’s and men’s marathon in the London Olympics will be slow marathons, due to a lousy course through the streets of London.

The Olympic Marathon Has Over 90 Turns

 The marathon has very few straightways in which the runners can dash forward, some of the route runners will have to take really sharp curves. The route is built from 4 loops, one small loop or 3.5 km and then 3 loops through the streets of London. Spectator News have spoken to a geography professor who have mapped the London Olympic marathon course.

“The goal of Hartnett’s map is to give the competitors a look ahead at the course’s turns and elevation levels, so as to be more prepared when the gun fires.  Hartnett noted that runners — especially Olympic-caliber runners — like to do their homework for races like this.

And they might need to. Turns can be tricky for runners and Hartnett said there are more turns in this course than in any other profile he has produced — a total of over 110.

“Much like a car if it goes around a turn, you’ve got to slow down and speed up,” he said.  “Most things you like to do in a marathon you like to do
efficiently, but slowing and speeding up takes more energy.” Read more.

Watch this clip below to see the exact London Games marathon course map through the streets of London.

Olympic Runners On Uneven Paved Road

One specially part of the Olympic marathon route is the place where the runners run on small paved stones. These are easy to slip over or twist an ankle. These paved routes may be safe for walking, but the Olympic marathon runners dash at very high pace, with long strides.

 Lets hope no one of the athletes participating will slip or fall at this part of the marathon.

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I think it is quite unfair that runners at these Olympic games do not have a chance to break an Olympic record. What do you think? Share this Olympic marathon outrageous course with others..