Paper Running Jackets For Marathons

Paper Jackets For Cold Marathon Runs

Paper Disposable Marathon Running Jacket
Disposable Paper Marathon Jacket

Learn about paper running jackets for marathons. Many runners have been facing the dilemma, whether to freeze on the start line and the first miles or to loose their favorite running jacket. What to wear to a marathon is a major question may ask.

The gathering at the start line can be early in the morning when the temperatures are very low. Running a marathon in cold climate weather can be somewhat painful the wind is pinching, the fingers get frozen, and so does the knees. Disposable running clothes become more and more popular in the recent years. You see more runners arrive to the marathon start line wearing paper running jackets for their marathon.

You can get these disposable jackets for start line cool mornings HERE.

Runners invest in high quality running apparel which cost $50-$90 for the branded lightweight running jackets. The basic tip for running in cold weather is dress for the marathon in layers. Since a marathon run is a 3-4-5 hour run, the chill morning temperature of 06:00 am will warm up during the run, and you are expected to keep running 4 hours later at 10:00 when the sun is shining and you your body is heated well.

Here are tips from the site Cool Running by Kathrine Switzer:

“Wear less, but layer your clothing: During cold weather, you’ll need less heavy clothing as long as you are moving briskly. Wear several light layers, and wear a jacket or windbreaker to keep you warm during the early part of your run or walk, then take it off and tie it around your waist after you are warmed up. Runners will need much less clothing than walkers, and both would be advised in very cold weather to have an outer jacket that covers the hips.” Read more..

There is no sense in throwing away your best running jacket once you are warm, loosing such jackets is a waste of money and an environmental disaster.

If you attend marathon runs often, you may have seen runners showing up with a paper disposable running jackets. There might be many brands for disposable running clothes, but the most used for running clothes are the ‘Sheddable shell Jackets and Pants’.

These lightweight paper running jackets for marathons weigh less than 3 ounces! They are windproof which is very important for runners who always have wind when running, and they are waterproof too, which is great for rainy weather running. Since they cost $10-$13 bucks no marathon runner would even think twice before tossing them at the first water station.

Paper Running Jackets For Marathons

You can get these disposable jackets for marathon HERE.

Think About The Planet Too

These disposable running gear can be tossed away right after a few miles of running, when the runner is warm, and/or the temperatures have inclined till the marathon paper running jacket is no longer needed. Like the paper cups being thrown at the side of the road, it might be very ugly to see hundreds of paper jackets thrown at the side of the track, littering the streets of the marathon course.

Please keep running with the disposable jacket until the first drinking station, and toss the cheap running jacket there. The organizers will easily add the disposable jacket to the rest of the litter gathering, and it will help send the jackets to a proper environmental solution.

You can get these disposable jackets for start line HERE.

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