Paralyzed Women Runs Marathon With Robotic Legs

Robotic Legs Help Paralyzed Women Do a Marathon

This is an amazing story of science (fiction) comes true and the human will power to overcome disasters.  Claire Lomas of England who was paralyzed from the waist down due to a riding accident has managed to complete the London Virgin Marathon 2012 after 16 days using two robotic legs!

Bionic Legs For Paralyzed People

 Claire Lomas was using a mind blowing device called ReWalk, which costs over $70,000 to support her over the full marathon London Virgin Marathon 2012 race. The amazing fact as brought by the Live Science is that the robotic legs do not ‘run’ for her, but she has to maneuver her upper body in a specific way to make the robotic legs function like real legs.

The ReWalk device is challenging to use. Lomas could only walk about 1.5 miles daily. That is, this is no robot doing all the work, moving her legs for her. Rather, Lomas must control the sophisticated machine through upper-body movement while balancing herself with crutches.

Leaning forward triggers the ReWalk machine to lift the legs. Without a constant, rhythmic motion forward, the wearer would cease to walk and fall backwards into a sitting mode; without strength in the shoulders and hands on the crutches, the wearer would fall forward.

In this regard, Zehr said, the ReWalk suit is akin to the Iron Man suit in that the user must develop the coordination to make the device become one with the body. Iron Man, after all, wasn’t a knight in armor; his suit was an extension of himself. Similarly, Lomas is becoming an “iron woman” by virtue of the constant mental awareness needed to make the robot move her legs the way she needs them moved — over uneven terrain or up stairs, for example. Find more..

You can see Claire Lomas training the ReWalk robotic legs with the use of two crunches.

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Paralyzed women completes a full marathon with ReWalk robotic legs. Share this amazing human victory!