Running a Marathon When You Are Over 40 Years

Young 40 Years Old Marathon Runners

Running a Marathon When You Are Over 40 YearsAt mid October there was a gimmick sports news item about the oldest man to run a marathon, he is from India and he is over 100 years old marathon runner! The truth is more than half of the runners at the 2010 NYC Marathon were over the age of 40! 53% of the 45,000 runners last year at the ING NY Marathon, were over the age of 40.

A research done this year at London Marathon (2011) discovered that the most fund raising type of runners are males in the age between 60-65. The research found also that Scottish runners (males over 60) raised more funds than the rest of the marathon fund raising character types…

So if you are now reaching your 40 year old birthday, and you feel you want some new meaning to your life. Pick up a marathon running challenge! You can be a 40 year old marathon runner .

According to Barbara Bushman, editor of “ACSM’s Complete Guide to Fitness and Health,” older athletes recognize that exercise has physiological benefits: Improved glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, body composition, aerobic capacity, muscle mass and ability to perform activities of daily living. They can be more reflective and see the benefit.
We can all agree that physical activity yields a positive mental attitude and helps to maintain cognitive function, but it can also be social. Read More

Marathon Runners Over 40 Years Old

See below some statistics about marathon runners and Ironmen athletes who have crossed the 40 years barrier. Being a marathon runner over the age of 40 makes you even more ready for such mental sport, which needs experience, long distance patience, some youngster runners just do not have. Marathon running is not about body mass (like dash sprint running), so runners can be in all shapes and sizes, which is more natural when you are over 40 years.

“Masters Majority

In this year’s Ford Ironman World Championship, the average age of the competitors was 37 years old, and 70 percent were over the age of 35, according to, Shelby Tuttle, a spokesperson for the event. The Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, followed by 112 mile bike ride, finished with a 26.2 (marathon) run. A “masters athlete” is one that is 35 years or older.

“Some athletes spend up to 40 hours per week training,” Tuttle said.

Who has that kind of time? The oldest male in this year’s Ironman was Lew Hollander, 81 and Harriet Anderson, 76, was the oldest female. With age, comes wisdom, maturity and perhaps the ability to have what it takes to go the distance. Beate Goertz, 42, was the first non-pro female to cross the finish line, in front of people half her age.

Running Anyone?

Richard Finn, Director of Media for the NY Road Runners, told me their motto is “run for life; there is a race for every pace.”

The nice thing about running is that it can be an individual-driven activity, there is no court or tee time, and running is an activity that can be accessible at any time for busy people.

“The New York City Marathon is the Mount Everest for the average person who is determined and willing to do the training,” said Finn.

In last year’s New York City Marathon, 53 percent of the 45,103 finishers were over the age of 40. This year, there will be a 5K run in New York City starting at the UN and ending at the same finish line as the marathon, giving more runners the opportunity to be part of the fun and excitement.” Read More

If you have a dream.. You can make it come true! To Run a Marathon Even When You Are Over 40 Years Old. Unless you have any known heath problems, a quick check with your doctor and you are all ready to go. You do not need to set marathon world record goals, running  is a natural thing, try to enjoy it before you speed up the pace.

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