South Carolina Kings Mountain Marathon – Running Hills

Kings Mountain Marathon at SC 

South Carolina has a proud marathon trail for runners, which goes through the forests and trails of the ancestors of the country. The Kings Mountain Marathon is a beautiful marathon and half marathon to run at the hillsides of South Carolina.

Former presidents Herbert Hoover and Teddy Roosevelt have both visited Kings Mountain SC and made brave quotes on the site historical values:

In 1780, atop Kings Mountain the Patriot Militia toppled the Royal Loyalists in the Revolutionary War. When the smoke cleared on the mountain’s steep western ridge, the Patriot Militia stood victorious.  

 “This is a place of inspiring memories. Here less than a thousand men, inspired by the urge of freedom, defeated a superior force entrenched in this strategic position.” – President Herbert Hoover, October 7, 1930, atop Kings Mountain.  

President Teddy Roosevelt once called this small but strategic victory the “turning point of the American Revolution.” Read more

South Carolina Marathon – Running Hills

The Kings Mountain Marathon trail and the half marathon trail both pass through the hills for the battlefield of 1780. The run is an happy sports well organized event. The organizers have the two routes distinguished by colored tape (green for half marathon and purple for the full marathon) The duck tapes would be on the road, unless the running trail will be gravel than look for the road side signs.

There is a safety warning for those running up the hills of South Carolina, the running course is not closed for runners only. Please run carefully.

“THESE COURSES ARE NOT CLOSED TO TRAFFIC. Though these courses are not closed to traffic the most vehicle traffic you will see will be from folks involved with the event and from regular park visitors on the main state park road. The course runs WITH the flow of traffic.


When running with traffic at the sides, running a marathon with headphones is not recommended! Running with music might be restricted for the runners safety.

Women’s Winner for the Kinks Mountain Marathon

If you are not planning to be a runner in the Kinks Mountain Marathon event, and you wish to support the runners, you are more than welcome to find a pleasant spot by the course with drinks and sandwiches and cheer for those who run the hills marathon.

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