Strengthen Core Muscles For Marathon Running

Core Muscles Workout For Marathon Runners

Core Workout For Marathon Runners
Core Muscles Workout Med Ball

How to strengthen core muscles for marathon runners. Preparing the body for a marathon is more than just running 100 miles a week. Like marathon runners have to watch their nutrition and stretching and do leg massage after marathon training, they should strengthen core muscles during their marathon training.

Why Are Core Muscles Important For Runners

Core muscles are all the muscle group which is holding us upright. While most people think that the core muscle group is only the abdominal muscles, the truth is that the core muscles include 29 different Inner Unit and Outer Unit muscles as explained by the Core Running site:

The core is the bridge between the upper and lower body, left and right sides. In such a position it transfers power between these different areas to produce efficient movement. If there is a dysfunction in the core movement is inefficient and the risk of injury increases.

A well functioning core also protects the spine and provides a biomechanically efficient position to create efficient movement. Proper postural alignment, both static and dynamic, is dependent on a strong core musculature.

If the core is weak or there is an imbalance in the muscles, compensatory movement patterns and incorrect biomechanics will develop which increase improper loading on the spine and other joints. This can lead to injury, inefficient movement patterns and decreased performance. Read More..

Core Muscle Workout For Runners

Here are some core muscle workout ideas for runners. Those can be done anywhere, at home or at the gym. The core muscle workout for runners will tighten the inner core belts, allow stronger strides, better arm work, keep a flexible spine and will eventually reduce running injuries.

If you are a tough marathon runner, don’t let these core workout fool you.. they seem easy, but once you are down with the med ball, you will find out the workout is muscle burning like hell! Do warm up before you begin, mild stretching for arms and legs.

Marathon runners can use the 4lb core med ball, the heavier 10lb med ball are more challenging and are used by advanced athletes who focus on abs design (six pack) and for power sports.

If you do not have a medical core ball yet, you can order one here, just pick the med ball’s weight you need.

Medical acknowledgment to the long distance marathon runners need for core muscle strengthening can be also found at the Stanford University School of Medicine, “Muscular Balance, Core Stability, and Injury Prevention for Middle- and Long-Distance Runners” by Michael Fredericson, MD and Tammara Moore, PT. they write in their abstract:

In many runners, however even those at an Olympic levelthis core musculature is not developed fully. Weakness or lack of sufficient coordination in core musculature can lead to less efficient movements, compensatory movement patterns, strain, overuse, and injury. This article discusses the importance of muscle balance and core stability for injury prevention and for improving a distance runner’s efficiency and performance. Learn More… 

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