Surprise ;-) Kenyan Runner Sets Paris Marathon 2012 Record

2012 Paris Marathon Record By Kenyan Runner

Kenyan Runner wins Paris Marathon 2012
The Official Logo For Paris Marathon 2012

Stanley Biwott age 26 from Kenya is the grand winner and record holder for the 2012 Paris Marathon. Today Stanley Biwott has managed to cross the finish line at 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 11 seconds. The winner for the 2012 Paris Marathon has already won the Paris half marathon earlier this year.

Winner Of Paris Semi Marathon 2012

In French the half marathon event is called Semi Marathon, which has a better chic sound to it. Stanley Biwott has won that race too! Biwott’s did one of the fastest times this year, the Paris Marathon 2012 Record of  2:05:11 is the sixth best time set in a marathon at 2012.

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