The Best Christmas Gift For Marathon Runners – The Motorola MotoACTV

Christmas Gift Idea For Your Runner

Christmas Gift Idea For Marathon Runners MOTOACTV GPS Fitness Tracker
Marathon Runners Gift Idea - MotoACTV GPS Fitness Tracker - Click Image For Details

When Christmas time arrives people begin to seek Christmas gift ideas. This year those who are looking for Christmas gifts for runners can stop looking! The Best Christmas Gift For Marathon Runners The Motorola MotoACTV! I can not think of a marathon or half marathon runner  who would not love to have this MotoACTV kit strapped around his arm.

Christmas Gift For Marathon Runners

All the top marathon runners have some kind of training gear, which helps them track their performance. There are even some iPhone apps which can assist runners in some running data. But this Motorola MotoACTV Christmas Gift Idea, is a totally different class of gadget!

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It can track the heartbeat, the mileage with GPS, store all the running and training data, and also be a fitness music center. But that is not all, this marathon training gadget, can also compare which kind of music is influencing the runner performance! This means a runner may choose the music which helps them preform best!


“Motorola Mobility has launched MOTOACTV, the company’s first music and fitness device. Designed to help you reach your fitness goals by tracking, syncing and recording your workout data and customizing your music, the Blutetooth-enabled MOTOACTV logs time, distance traveled and calories burned and has an inbuilt heart rate monitor, accelerometer and a GPS which records a map of your routes.

Once the workout is done, the device can automatically sync with your computer so you can track your progress over a selected period of time. Like similar systems from Nike and Sports Tracker data can also be uploaded to the MOTOACTV site where you can use planning tools, receive tips on how to achieve better fitness and compete with your friends online – a potentially fine motivation tool to lose those extra pounds

The MOTOACTV also also designed to “customize” your workout music. While I’ve been making “gym workout” song files on my iPod for years, the difference here is the MOTOACTV takes note of the songs that push you harder by measuring your performance against your music and automatically collates them. So next time you need some inspiration beats to really up the ante, all those tracks are there in one place without the need to scroll through to find specific songs or playlists.

Or if your own songs are outliving their welcome, you can switch to FM radio and you can also sync the device to Android smartphones to receive incoming calls and texts.

The MOTOACTV will set you back US$249 for the 8GB model and $299 for 16GB version. While this does seem a little pricey given that there are smartphone apps that will do many of the same things – we can see how this this dedicated device might well be attractive to the fitness junkies and athletes among us.” See more from GizMag here.

Mario Lopez Training For Marathon MotoACTV GPS Tracker

If Mario Lopez can train to the ING Marathon with the MotoACTV on his arm, I am pretty sure I would love to have this running MotoACTV GPS Fitness Tracker as a Christmas gift too! There are some gadgets which are IN and I think this is one of them..

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