Timex Ironman Runner GPS – A Watch Which Is Smarter Than You

Timex Ironman GPS at NYC Marathon

Timex Ironman T5J985 Unisex Trail Runner Bodylink Heart Rate Monitor Watch
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The Timex Ironman GPS watch was used by Jennie Finch while she was training for her first marathon at the NYC Marathon. Jennie Finch was chosen by Timex to run for charity and fund raising while promoting their new Timex Runners GPS Ironman watch. Her challenge was to pass as many runners as she could during the marathon at NYC, and Timex would donate a buck for each runner Jennie Finch leaves to watch her back..

During her marathon training Jennie Finch used the Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS with Heart Rate, and all the results and follow up was done by her trainer who was far away at California. The Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS has all the right specs to be in the first league of the marathon training GPS watches like the Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS and the new Motorola MotoACTV GPS tracker and music player.

Read below the review by Naureen S. Malik from the Wall Street Journal, asking is the Timex Ironman Runner GPS watch is worth the money?

“Also, the GPS connection was super fast. With other watches, I’ve waited 3 to 5 minutes; in fact, Timex’s instruction manual says it can take a while to link up to a satellite the first time. But when I was waiting at the Staten Island start line for the NYC marathon, it took less than 20 seconds to link up. Since then, I’ve only had to wait 3 or 5 seconds. It hasn’t lost connection with a satellite yet, which can be a problem when surrounded by tall buildings or walking around dead ones in Central Park.

Using SiRFstar IV GPS technology, the watch instantaneously adjusted its data on my pace  as I was running the marathon . After I got severe leg cramp around mile 10, I started to pay even more attention to my pace and heart rate to manage the rest of the race.  I was relieved to finish the marathon and the Timex helped me psychologically when I physically kept hitting the wall.

I was also able to track my pace based on a pre-set time interval.

I used the free version of the software, which lets you publish workouts on social media. But you can upgrade features so you can get a more granular statistical breakdown of your workouts and share them with a coach. Olympic gold medalist U.S. softball player Jenny Finch used the Ironman Runner watch to train for a few months before running the NYC marathon — her first marathon – and regularly shared the data with her coach.

Finch has never used a watch and was trying to plan routes on her iPhone. “It basically simplified everything,” Finch said in an interview ahead of the marathon.

So is it Worth It? Yes, especially with the rebate. The Timex Ironman Runner Watch with GPS technology is comfortable to wear and more sophisticated than other watches thanks to its communication with the Training Peaks program.” read more..


Timex Ironman Trail Runner Bodylink Watch

A GPS watch can be a great Christmas gift for your husband or wife for this Christmas. If they are long distance runners training for their first ever marathon, or practicing to improve their personal best record at the 2012 marathons, a GPS & heart rate monitor watch is a gift they would be very pleased to have.

The leading brands for these type of sports GPS watches are Garmin GPS and Timex Sports, the new MotoACTV is a  Motorola GPS & Music Player. Timex Timex Ironman Trail Runner is trying to head up with the category leader the Garmin 610 Forerunner GPS which was chosen BEST for 2011!

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  1. The GPS watches are amazing. When I was running the New York Marathon before the advent of GPS technology, we just timed our race and training with a simple stopwatch.