Training For a Marathon In a Year

One Year To Train For a Marathon

One Year Marathon Training ProgramBe ready for the BIG thing, train for a marathon in a year! There is no doubt that training for a marathon is a huge challenge. If you want to really be ready for next year marathon season, you need to begin training today.

Professional runners, and runners who run tons of miles all year round, do not need a 12 month training program for a marathon. But all other humans.. 🙂  training for a marathon in a year is much more wise than a 18 week plan.

Be wise. Running a marathon is not a 100 meter dash. If you never run before, contact your doctor before you begin a marathon training program.

One Year Marathon Training Program

I have never heard of a 12 month marathon training program. Most of the regular marathon training plans are usually 2-6 month long. Most of them assume the runner is able to run 30 minutes without stopping. Their schedule is planed to prepare the body and mind for a marathon within a few weeks.

For a one year marathon training program, the pace is much slower. For an annual training there are other benefits:

  • You have enough time to build your fitness.
  • Starting slow means you will avoid some of the common marathon injuries which occur because of over training in tight schedule.
  • You can acquire a new lifestyle, because a one year marathon plan will require such a change.

1 Year Marathon Training Plan

For those who have never run before, here is an advice by the Take the Magic Step coaching site. A one year marathon training plan, should be planned ahead. .

Do not put yourself under any pressure or become stressed out. The really long distance training runs will come at the very end of your preparations; by then, you will be well prepared and can master these distances.

One of the most common mistakes is to take off too fast. Doing so can result in becoming exhausted and losing your desire to continue. Therefore, it is best to begin carefully and slowly. When during a training jog you run out of steam, simply take a break and walk a while.

When you are in the preparation phase and cannot run for a week, do not worry—you still have enough time. Even if you lose a little fitness, you do not need to worry about making a fool of yourself in a major marathon like Berlin or New York. If you have problems along the way, you can always slow down and walk a while. Many more marathoners than you may think do just that. It does not matter what sort of pace you run—there will always be many other runners around you, and you will have the fun of a common marathon adventure together with them. Keep reading..

Basic Tips For Long Term Marathon Training

I have found these valuable tips for you by the marathon training coach Amelia Burton, they are the basics of long run training programs. This is why once you follow them you are on the right track to a marathon challenge achievement.

One long run every week: As soon as you start running one long run per week, your body will become so much stronger. 30km (18.6 mi) is the magic distance. Once you can run this, you can run a marathon. The more long run’s you get in leading up to the race, the stronger you will finish.

3. Stretch: I will say this once: If you don’t stretch your entire body properly and deeply, you WILL get injured. I hate stretching after a run because I am tired, hungry, hot, thirsty, so I do what one would call a pseudo stretch (aka a pathetic attempt to stretch). It certainly isn’t good enough, therefore I go to a semi-private Pilates class twice per week. Yoga is also incredible for runners. Pilates should be a reformer class focusing on flexibility. Try before you buy because some Pilates studio’s don’t put enough emphasis on stretching. If you want to cut costs, buy a yoga DVD and follow that twice per week. Whatever it takes pleeease stretch, and not just a pseudo stretch!

4. Speed sessions: Not all your training runs will be long runs, in fact you will see that short speed sessions are part of your program. They will get you running faster and strengthen all your running muscles which helps cope with the longer distances. Read More..

First Three Month For Annual Marathon Plan

One Year Marathon training Program
Best Book To Learn How To Start Running

The first three month are the most important. If you have never run before, it will be these few month which will determine if you succeed or fail. Begin with a mild run-walk program. A marathon running coach named Jeff Galloway has written a book about how to start running.

In a nut shell he says th ebest way to begin running, is the run-walk-run method. This method allows the runner to walk for a few yards in the middle of any run. The walking will not draw back the fiitness, but will allow the runner to keep going! Soon enough the runner will be ablwe to do longer runs, and shorter walkings in the middle.

If you have never run for 30 minutes before, or can’t jog for 30 minutes without stopping, buy this book: Running; Getting Started (By Jeff Galloway)

3-6 Month In a One Year Training Plan

The second part of the one year marathon plan would be the fitness build up. In this stage you should be all ready able to jog easily 3-4 times a week. Your pace is still slow, but you have no difficulty to run for 30 minutes without panting like a dog at the end.

In these 3 month, you should add some harder running tasks into your schedule. Once a week a longer run. Or a fast pace run, where you try and beat your stop watch. Your fitness will dramatically increase within these 3 month!

In these 3 month you will get to love your body! You might even loose some pounds and see a lean abs and muscle tone.

6-9 Month of The Marathon Training

OK, you are six month into your one year marathon training program! You now need to choose your marathon run. Look for any marathon race you can sign to. You want it to be an event you will be proud of. In the large events, you can be sure there will be thousands of runners like you. In the small marathon runs, there will be mainly marathon runners, all the rest will run the half marathon 13.6 distance.

In this phase you can add up speed, and add miles to your runs. Run 30-34 miles per week. You can take once a month a long jogging run, to let your body get ready to the marathon mileage. If you have practiced well you can run for 12 miles and enjoy it!

Be Ready For The Marathon

You must have the proper gear for a marathon training:

  1. Don’t buy cheap shoes.. not every fancy Nike shoe will do. Go to a sports store, test some shoes, try them on before you buy. The shoe should be flexible and support the heel.
  2. Invest in a fitness watch. The fitness watch will help you maintain a proper training, recording your heart rate, laps speed, and improvement. A GPS fitness watch (my best pick would be the Garmin Forerunner 405 ) the fitness watch will count your mileage, per run, per week. It can be connected to other programs online so you can measure your improvement.
  3. Music! long runs can be boring without yur favorite music player. Your smartphone or iPhone can be used to play music, just get bluetooth headphones to hear music while you run.

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