Video/Photo Sharing Is Prohibited During Olympics

No Media Sharing Allowed During Olympics

No Photos Allowed During Olympic EventsA stunning announcement made clear to all the spectators who have purchased a ticket to any of the London’s 2012 Olympic events. No media sharing from Olympic events is allowed! No Olympics photos or video sharing to social media like Facebook or Pinterst. Spectators are confused..

Pop Photo website has brought the story:

A London 2012 spokesman said: “We understand that spectators will want to share their photographs of London 2012 events on social networking sites and we are not looking to stop them from doing this. However we are looking to stop people who seek to use them for commercial purposes. Clarification on this matter will be provided when the tickets are distributed.”

Their goal is to protect paid media rights, which is understandable, but when official statements contradict each other: you are allowed to take photos, but not post them online, you are allowed to post them online but not make money from them—will they administer lie detector tests to everyone with a camera asking them what exactly they intend to do with their images, or will they hunt down and attempt to prosecute violators after the fact? Read more..

Taking Photos During Free Olympic Events

Does this sounds reasonable, I doubt it. There is nothing the organizers can do to check millions of photos and clips shared globally each day. Since the announcement was done to the ticket holders, what would it mean to those who will take pictures of the Olympic marathon which will take place at the streets of London?

Can they prohibit anyone from taking pictured at an open free event like the 2012 Olympic Marathon??

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