What Kills Runners During Marathon Training

Runners Fatal Dangers During Marathon Training

There is one thing not much is said and written about when coming to review marathon training programs, and that is What Kills Runners During Marathon Training. There are several fatal hazards which need to be in each and every runners mind, during their marathon training schedule.

There are several possible causes for death during marathon training and marathon runs are:

  1. When the runners heart is overloaded and they get a heart attack.
  2. Warm weather causing dehydration when runners skip drinking stations in order to scrape some seconds off.
  3. Sometimes the reason is never known clearly when body temperatures rises multi systems collapse.

The fittest runners sometime collapse at the marathon race, though they where “health and fit” until the sudden catastrophe. See this marathon runner sudden death story from the Huffingtonpost.com:

“Chad Schieber, a 35-year-old Michigan police officer and father of three, died during the 2007 marathon, and hundreds of participants collapsed or vomited in scorching, near-90 degree heat. An autopsy blamed his death on a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, and coroners said tests showed no evidence he was dehydrated”

Another runner’s death reported at the Toronto marathon:

“A 27-year-old runner in Toronto’s waterfront marathon has died.

Bruce Minnes, medical director of the marathon, said Sunday afternoon that the man had no vital signs when he was taken from the course about 300 metres from the finish line, at around 11:15 a.m. ET.

Toronto Emergency Medical Services said the man was transported to St. Michael’s Hospital from Bay Street and Wellington Street West.

Police from Toronto’s 52 Division said he died at St. Michael’s and confirmed he was a participant in one of the races that were part of the event — the marathon, half marathon and five-kilometer runs.

It’s not immediately clear what caused his death.” See the full story here.

Marathon Runners Death by Road Accidents

Another less spoken reason is the numerous marathon runners who get killed during their marathon runs. Many marathon runners train on road and sidewalks, in some cases consuming miles beside highways. Some runners train for marathon at off beat tracks where 4X4 jeeps are racing by too. See the latest news from south Africa, where 5 runners were killed while training for marathon.

“JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s transport minister is calling for murder charges against an allegedly drunk driver accused of killing five runners who were training for a marathon.

A sixth runner preparing for next month’s Soweto Marathon was badly injured in Saturday’s accident in Johannesburg.

In a statement Sunday, Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele said: “Following allegations that the driver of the vehicle was drunk, the driver should be charged with murder.”

Gideon Sam, head of South Africa’s Olympic committee, says South African sport “is rocked by these tragic deaths.” See source here.

 This was not the first time such road accidents happen, it happened to a marathon runner died during her training, at a cycling practice. AZcentral.com covered this event.

“Professional runner Sally Meyerhoff died Tuesday after her bike collided with a pickup truck in Maricopa, police said.

Meyerhoff apparently biked through the intersection of White and Parker Road and Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway around 1:30 p.m. heading south and collided with a truck heading east, according to Maricopa police spokeswoman LaTricia Woods”.

If you are out there training for your next long run challenge, please take all the necessary precautions. Some accidents are inevitable, some can be prevented. Wear bright marathon running shirts, use light reflection bands. No one wants any more dead runners at news headlines, runners names should be at the sports pages.

Do you have other marathon training accidents to share? Please write your stories below. Share this story with friends to remind them to train safely.