What to Wear For a Cold Weather Marathon

Cold Weather Marathon Running Apparel

Though this is written at March, so there are not so many cold weather marathons scheduled ahead, but cold weather marathon running clothing, is a subject which many runners ask about. Not any warm running jacket will be enough for cold weather marathon, the body needs other temperature protection, to avoid the cold bites.

Clothing For Cold Weather Marathons

There can be different kinds of cold weather marathons. Most runners will not attend the Polar Marathon, or the Antarctica Marathon which are some of the toughest marathons on earth, but any marathon which is launched early in the morning, can be quite freezing.

Cool Running website offers these tips for cold weather running clothing for marathons:

  • Proper winter clothing is a good investment: Invest in a few key garments, particularly the layer that is closest to your body and the garment that is your outer shell. Be sure your first layer is made of one of the synthetic fabrics that wick away perspiration and let it evaporate. Your outer shell should be made of a breathable, wind-repellent fabric, such as Gore-Texä to let the heat escape, but not let cold winter air enter. Choose garments that have closures over front zippers to keep air and cold rain from leaking through openings and zippers.
  • Don’t forget your hat and gloves: Always wear a hat and gloves. A great deal of vital body heat is lost through the top of your head, like a chimney, and through your hands. Runners can get by with simple cotton gloves (or even socks!) but walkers will need heavier gloves, even woolen mittens with a wind-proof shell. Find more..

Body Protection For Cold Weather Runners

Protecting the body from the cold weather is not only wearing a running jacket. You needs to cover more skin surfaces which regularly are not covered. Think about wearing layers, wearing advanced fabrics, long trunks running tights. This guy is planning deep snow running, and he shares some tips about cold weather running clothes.

Cold Weather Running Accessories

High quality cold weather running gear, should be able to keep the body warm and dry. Getting the sweat and humidity away, be waterproof and windproof.

  • Wear a hat – Just like in summer running, the head is vaporising much of the body heat! Warm running caps can keep the body warm, and not soak in sweat.
  • Wear ear covers – Cold ears can be terribly painful, especially with windchill wiping. Ear bands can help hold ear-buds when listening to music while running.
  • Cover nose and mouth – Breathing freezing air can burn down the throat and even at the lungs. There are masks, which look like Darth Vader masks.
  • Long Sleeves – There are disposable long sleeves warmers, which keep the elbows and arms warm, and can be thrown away a few miles after, when the marathon day’s temperatures rise.
  • Running Gloves – The fingers get stiff and hurt when running in cold weather. The blood circulation can decrease where the blood vessels are thin, running gloves will keep the hands warm. Most marathon runners use a disposable cheap running gloves ($2-$3), which they can throw away once the temperature allow it.

Disposable Clothes For Cold Marathon Mornings

Disposable Clothes For Cold Marathon Mornings
Disposable Clothes For Cold Marathon Mornings

Most marathon runners do not need the heavy winter clothing and cold weather running accessories. Most runners face cold weather during the marathon training stage, when they wake up early to jog, and the streets are empty and it might still be dark outside. At those marathon training sessions, marathoners need some outer layer clothing, which can be dropped later on.

Unlike cheap gloves, marathon runners do not have ‘cheap jackets’ to wear at the cold marathon mornings. The old school, was to bring to a marathon some old running jacket which can be a throwaway as soon as possible.

Today marathon runners bring to the start line disposable running gear for marathon. These cheap running jackets are  made of thin polymer, there are also pairs of tear away running pants. Those ‘paper’ running jackets and ‘paper’ running pants, keep the runners warm until the sun rises or the temperature allows to throw them away. The cheap throwaway jackets are wind proof and water proof and weigh only 3 ounces.

Buy Here Disposable Running Jacket & Pants For Cold Marathon Mornings

We urge runners not to litter the sides of the marathon route with those disposable running jackets and pants. Keep them on you till the first water station. Though they are disposable, the cheap running jackets and pants are machine washable! So they can be used over and over again! So before you throw them away, think of the our planet..

How do you dress for cold marathon runs? Share this and share your thoughts below..