Which Music Is Best For Marathon Training

Music Playlist For Marathon Training

Which Music Is Best For Running & Marathon TrainingWhich music is best for marathon training?” At first glance you might say, no one can really answer such a question because no one knows which music you like, and no one knows which music you like to listen to when training for a marathon.

But what if there was a device which could tell you which music helps you to preform better! Run faster? wouldn’t that be great?

As any marathon runner knows, there is a lot of time invested in a proper marathon training preparation. The running sessions can take over an hour each and they get longer as you reach the mid of your marathon training program. At the last weeks you may have to run a little less as it is the marathon training tapering weeks before the race.

Music Tracks For Long Distance Running

If you do not have any cool running music tracks, download from Amazon, they cost a few cents..

Or you can Make Your Own Instant MP3 Download Playlist (Amazon MP3 running tracks)

MotoACTV GPS & Smart Music Tracker

A new device was launched for marathon runners the Motorola MotoACTV. It has a smartmusic app which knows to compare your running results with the current playlist music you are listening to. This means that if you run faster when listening to a specific Lady Ga Ga song, you can adjust your music with similar themes and songs for a faster marathon training session. So the MotoACTV GPS not only tracks your fitness and running pace, but is also tracks the best music for your marathon training.

Read below a review about the new MotoACTV GPS Fitness & Music Tracker – from Innovation For Endurance blog.

“Your enthusiasm towards the MOTOACTV will depend on how seriously you take your fitness routine: Do you want to know, for example, how many steps you walked that day, the number of calories you burned, the route you chose, and, most important, how all of this changes on a daily basis? The 1.2-ounce, 46 x 46-millimeter device is sweat- and scratch-resistant, easily clipping onto a shoulder or wrist strap (it’s predominantly being marketed as a watch). Coming in either 8- ($250) or 16- ($300) gigabyte sizes, registered users have their workouts uploaded and recorded, allowing you to know how your 5K time today compares to last month. If you’re also a Droid Razr user, you can sync MOTOACTV to receive text messages. And if you have a headset on but don’t want to take the extra energy to pull your phone out of your pocket, you can dial directly from your wrist—a somewhat weird option for a fitness device, since it caters to laziness.

Essentially, Motorola has taken a number of existing apps and combined them into iPod-like hardware, simplifying the screen options and even providing a bit of anti-glare screen protection, a la Kindle. Since I already have GPS software on my iPhone, which keeps track of my jogs and bike rides by mapping where I go and how fast I get there, MOTOACTV’s chief benefit for me would be its small size and weight. Since the wristband idea is somewhat cumbersome—having a wire connected from my wrist to my ears while cycling is a certain pitfall—the thing that really caught my eye is the SF700 Wireless Sports Headphones with Integrated Heart Rate Monitor, which works via Bluetooth and keeps track of your heart rate through your ears. For that alone I would consider shedding my suddenly bulky iPhone set-up — though it might take some convincing.” —Derek Beres, Women’s Health Reporter

There are many GPS watches like the Garmin series of GPS watches which are best sellers on Amazon, and there are many favorable music MP3 devices for sports and running. But the MOTOACTV tiny device which can be also used as a wrist watch, is th only on to combine the GPS tracker and the Smart Music tracker, to allow the runner to know which music is best for their marathon running. See current price and discounts for the Motorola MotoACTV.

I know I run faster when I am plugged to Techno music, I feel I can run like Usain Bolt even when I am at the last lap of the 10 miles route. I do not need the MotoACTV to tell me that! Though it might tell me which track in my Techno House playlists will help me run like a Kenyan..

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